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Selections from the Holy Text of Tibetan Buddhism: Sixty Songs of Milarepa (vegetarian) – Songs 43-44, 46-50, Part 1 of 2

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One of the renowned Masters of this religion is Jetsun Milarepa, meaning Milarepa the Revered One. A former magician who became a yogi, poet, and hermit, this spiritual hero of Tibet lived from 1052 to 1135, and His story of personal redemption has inspired lives across many generations. Through songs called dohas, Jetsun Milarepa imparted Divine teachings on spiritual devotion and wisdom.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the venerated Milarepa on several occasions, as during this lecture given in 1992, at the Hsihu Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. “Milarepa, His faith in seeking the Truth was very firm. He was terrified of hell and knew that His karma was unimaginable. So no matter how much His Master scolded Him, He endured it. His faith was from inside. He wasn't taught to do so. No one taught Him to do so and no one forced Him. From the hardships that He underwent, we can see why He was able to attain the Truth.”

“Milarepa sang in reply: ‘Property and wealth are like dew on grass; Knowing this, gladly should one give them away. It is most precious to be born a leisured and worthy human being; Knowing this, one should with care observe the precepts As if protecting one’s own eyes. Anger is the cause of falling to the realms below; Knowing this, one should refrain from wrath, Even at the risk of life. Benefit to oneself and to others Can never be achieved through sloth; Strive, therefore, to do good deeds. A perturbed, wandering mind Never sees the truth of Mahayana (the Buddha’s Great Way of Wisdom-Compassion); Practice, therefore, concentration. The Buddha cannot be found through searching; So contemplate your own mind. Until the autumn mists dissolve into the sky, Strive on with faith and determination.’”

“‘If the poisonous snake of Klesa (defilement) is not killed, The yearning for wisdom only leads to fallacy. If venomous jealousy is not overcome, One’s yearning for the Bodhi-mind will be an illusion. If one refrains not from hurting people, One’s longing for respect and honor Is merely wishful thinking. If one cannot conquer ego-clinging and prejudice, One’s craving for the Equality of Dharma (true teaching) Only brings wrong views. If one cannot subdue the demon, clinging-ego, One’s Klesas (defilements) will be great and his Yoga bound to fail. If one’s actions conform not with the Dharma (true teaching), One will always hinder the good deeds of others. If one has not yet absorbed one’s mind in Dharma (true teaching), One’s babbling and prattling will only disturb others’ minds. Therefore, do not waste your life in words and chatter, But try to gain the assurance of no-regret And the confidence of facing death!’”
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