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Harry Hmura and the Songs of the Great Ape-People

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It is said that music is borderless. Musician Harry Hmura has further verified that music is also cross-species through his compositions about the people from the great ape kingdom. His album “I Am, I Am” features the real sounds of great ape-people and narrates their stories to help humans understand these gentle beings and the world as they experience it.

The forest gives great ape-people all they need, and they learn new things day by day while enjoying the love and harmony of their families. These sweet stories are told in the songs, “Everyday, Yesterdays,” “Morning Mist and Lil Miracles,” “Neonate Celebration,” and “Miracle of Love.”

“And then, of course, it turns into the next turn where their forests become encroached upon, and they get captured. Either get killed – little ones become orphaned, sold as pets, the older ones could be killed for bushmeat. From Africa, a friend of mine had taken a digital recorder and recorded all the little ones. They’re crying, and you can hear their sorrow in their voices. Very sensitive, obviously, in the material in the songs that I use them as well. I certainly wanted to be as true and as honest as I could be, and so I did not hold anything back.”

The songs “Impinged Forest” and “Drums from Hell” present the shock and horror when the habitats of the great ape-people are invaded and humans take their lives. “Breath of Innocence” presents the feelings of those innocent wild ape-people who have become victims of humans’ greed.

Fortunately, Harry shared with us that the rescued great ape-people are doing well in sanctuaries after their traumatizing experiences. “Apes that are rescued into sanctuaries can now live their lives out with dignity and happiness, while the sanctuaries provide lifetime care, shelter, companionship, and protection. Sanctuaries are amazing places. It’s the spirit between humans and great apes.” “Survivor’s Song” expresses the spirit of the ape-people in sanctuaries who must live on after losing their homeland and loved ones. Harry dedicates all proceeds from the album to benefit the great ape-people and the sanctuaries around the world.
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