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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is The Real Solution, Part 1 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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So, the Omicron is very scary. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have a solution. I told everybody to eat vegan. (Yes, Master.) That’s the best solution, but I’m afraid it’s even too late now. (Oh, God.) I’m afraid it’s too late now. (Oh. Wow.) It could still be some help if you’re vegan, and if you pray, and you are sincere and you have less sinful deeds before that, maybe you can be saved.

(Hallo, Master.) Hi. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo, guys. How are You, Master? I wonder how I am. (Oh.) I just have a little time, (Oh, good.) so I call you guys in case you have any questions, otherwise, I can read you some stories. I have been very, very, kind of very tired recently, but I’m better today. So whenever I have time and I’m better, I take advantage and quickly contact you guys or read you stories. (Thank You. Thank You, Master.)

The world is so full of trouble. We might as well enjoy some stories. You never know when you can’t anymore. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Time is not guaranteed nowadays. I know not everybody worries, just I worry too much, I guess. I’m just a busybody. Because I worry about everything. Worry whether or not the insect-people have enough food, whether or not the bird-people are too cold outside, windy, whether or not the squirrel-person stole the food from the skunk-people or not. Because sometimes I gave and the squirrel-person didn’t come to eat. I worry whether or not he ate the food from the skunk-people outside. The skunk-people cannot go to the trees, (Yes.) (Right.) cannot go even to the lower tree. So, I don’t know. He didn’t eat the one on top; just the thing on the bottom disappeared, on the ground.

I just worry too much. I don’t worry much about myself. Just the eyes are sometimes blurry a little bit. Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. These are just small things. The world is in big trouble. That’s worrying me more than anything else. Ah God. (Yes, Master.) If you have any questions? (We do, Master. There is one question.) Tell me.

"Media Report from Sky News Dec. 17, 2021 Reporter (m): Government scientists say Omicron infections are now moving at a phenomenal pace.

Lisa King (f): You breathe. You breathe. It’s just a normal thing. From when you’re born you breathe. And then when you get to that stage where you can’t breathe, you panic. And you think, 'Well, what can I do?' I've never experienced anything like this in my life and it’s nothing I’d want anyone else to…"

"Media Report from NBC 7 Dec. 23, 2021 Shannon Taylor (f): It's really scary. It’s scary not being able to breathe.

Melissa Adan (f): Shannon was fully vaccinated and had recently received her booster shot.

Shannon Taylor (f): I could not catch my breath. Even now, it's a little struggle talking, but I couldn't catch my breath. I felt all this pain in my chest. It felt like bricks were on my chest."

"Media Report from Sky News Dec. 17, 2021 David Colley (m): Now I go out to the gym three or four times a week. Mountain bike. Never off sick. And it's just knocked me off my feet. You just say you don't think it's going to happen. Felt like I was being strangled five times a day. Really bad. Worst month of my life. I've been double jabbed as well. May and July, I was jabbed."

(It’s about Omicron. It is now reported to be as severe as the Delta variant.) At least. (At least. So, Master, this is very concerning. Is there any solution? And will there be a vaccine for this, because it is said that the Omicron variant spreads 70 times faster than Delta?)

And it even evaded vaccines now, that’s what they say. (Yes, Master.) I read that even with Delta, the risk of reinfection by it is less. (Right.) Four or five times less than reinfection with the Omicron. (Yes, Master.) Besides, if you’re infected with other COVIDS, just like Delta even, and if you have already been infected, then you are protected for six months at least. But with the Omicron it’s much less. (Oh.) You’re less protected, or 19% something like that. (Yes, Master.)

So, the Omicron is very scary. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have a solution. I told everybody to eat vegan. (Yes, Master.) That’s the best solution, but I’m afraid it’s even too late now. (Oh, God.) I’m afraid it’s too late now. (Oh. Wow.) It could still be some help if you’re vegan, and if you pray, and you are sincere and you have less sinful deeds before that, maybe you can be saved. (Yes.) But otherwise, it might be too late now. The COVID chief, army chief, told me that. (Oh.) And it’s not just that. It looks like Heaven wants to destroy humanity, not just now, but in the future as well. (Wow.)

I cannot tell you details. (Yes, Master.) I am not allowed to. It’s very scary. (Oh, Master.) And the long-term effects and the secret effects, nobody can find out. (Oh!) That’s the thing. (Yes, Master.) They just found out the surface only, and they said already many things, even lower sperm count, stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) Many other things, I’m not allowed to tell you. But it looks like humans are not going to be pardoned. I wrote it in my diary, some of the details, but I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.) Suffice to tell you that it looks like humanity is going to be depleted. (Oh, God.)

And today, I just read the Hadith; it sounds also similar, so scary. If you want, I can read it to you. (Yes, Master.) (Yes please, Master.) Later, later. (Thank You.) One moment, one moment. (Yes, Master.) I’ll call you back. (All right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

I’m back. Hallo. (Yes, Master.) Are you guys there? (We are, Master.) Sometimes I need a little break.

In the beginning, this Omicron, (Yes, Master.) they say that it’s mild, don’t worry. But it’s spreading like wildfire. (It is. Yes.) And as I told you already, even if it is mild, but if the hospital is overflowing with patients of Omicron, of the infection, then it’s also troublesome. (Yes, Master.) Because remember many of the staff walked out because of the vaccine mandate. (Yes.) There was a mandate that if people who are not vaccinated in such and such business, or health care, or whatever, even pilots, or airplane or even army, they will be kicked out. Remember? (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Therefore, thousands, tens of thousands of them walked out of their jobs. So many hospitals are already exhausted, (Yes, Master.) with short staff, and burned-out doctors and nurses. It’s been over a year already, right, or is it two years? (Almost two years.) Almost two years already. So, it’s ongoing. They don’t have a respite. They don’t have a rest. (Yes, that’s right, Master.) And even doctors and nurses were infected, many, and died also in the beginning. So, and now even short of staff and then their morale is very, very low also. They’re burnt out and depressed seeing all this kind of death and trouble every day, and they couldn’t do anything. (Yes, Master.) It is very terrible.

In the beginning, they said, “Oh, don’t panic. It’s just a mild infection.” No, no, it’s just the surface. (Yes, Master.) But I have told you also, under the table or openly, that it’s not the way it looks. (Yes, Master.) The virus did not mutate just for fun. (Yes.) The virus did not mutate for fun. (Yes, Master.) They did it on purpose, with the directive to inflict the most harm (Oh, wow!) on humanity. (Wow!) Not just now, but in the future as well.

People just don’t repent. My God, I hope they do repent some, so they can save themselves, and save humanity’s lineage (Yes, Master.) and gene pool. Because if the genes are damaged or depleted, then humanity’s doomed. (Yes, Master.) People just don’t listen. What to do? I’m trying my best every day, but I don’t think Heaven is having any leniency. I’m trying my best. (Thank You, Master, for all that You’re doing to help.) Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master, You did. Thank You.)

You know there are some slow and long-term effects. The scientists don’t know yet. And maybe they won’t know even. The hidden long-term effect of Omicron, for the scientists, it’s very likely hard to find. And even if found, it’s not sure that we can cure it. They will not be able to figure it out because it’s secret, hidden. (Whoa. Yes, Master.) Under the slow, easy surface or mild surface, or “It’s just another Delta” surface, it isn’t. (Yes, Master.)

I lost sleep over everything, but what am I to do? Humans, they just don’t change, and things seem to get worse. If they keep relying only on science and chasing the vaccines, one after another, that’s not it. That’s not the real solution. The real solution is the human moral standards and loving kindness and compassion. Real compassion, not just astral emotion. Like, if you help somebody, and you feel good about it because you’re doing something good, that’s normal. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) But these are only astral emotions. (Oh.) It’s not real compassion. We need real compassion, real awakening in order to avoid all these disasters, and one variant of pandemic after another. (Yes.)

And the world is in trouble, on fire like this everywhere. Disasters everywhere. And yet they still want to make war here, war there, or threaten to kill each other! My God! Such a stupid race of people! (Yes.) No wonder Heaven doesn’t want to be lenient anymore. My God! Such a big thing and don’t worry, and just want to seize some land or being a winner of some war, or continue to develop missile this, and atom that and nuke here, nuke there. (Yes.) What a silly, stupid (Yes, Master.) type of mentality and race of beings! (That’s right, Master.) I’m also fed up myself! (Yes, Master.)

If you tell people to “Come in, swim back to shore, otherwise, you will drown. After a while, you’ll get exhausted,” and if they don’t listen, what would you do? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) If they continue to keep swimming into deep water and turbulent sea waves, then they will be doomed. (Yes, Master.)

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