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“Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story” – Interview with Tony Wardle (vegan)

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Directed by Tony Wardle and presented by renowned British actor Jerome Flynn, “Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story” is an award-winning 35-minute short film that follows a courageous group of undercover investigators from Viva! as they expose the cruel atrocities inside one of the largest farms in the UK that raises pig-people for slaughter.

Tony Wardle and his colleagues reveal the harsh truths of raising animal-people for consumption, illuminating why the world must go vegan. “The important thing is that we have truth and science on our side. Livestock are causing the greatest damage to global environment. Livestock are implicated in all the killer diseases that kill people in the West, the degenerative diseases.”

“This, make no mistake, COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal. It’s quite a benign dress rehearsal for what lies ahead. There will be more pandemics, there will be more serious pandemics. And until we stop invading wild animal spaces, treating animals like commodities, and littering the world with factory farms, it’s going to happen.”

As Tony Wardle explains, choosing the vegan lifestyle and raising awareness is the most powerful thing that we as individuals can do to stop the horrible injustices to animal-people and prevent more disasters. “All these big companies are now seeing the future. They know what the truth is, and they know that meat and dairy consumption is going to collapse. And so, they are hedging their bets, and they are getting in on the vegan market. We can feel, we can sense the change that is taking place. We've won the scientific argument, we've won the moral argument, and now it’s a case of ‘catch up.’ We have to just keep plugging away, plugging away, and trying to elect a government that we will tackle these issues and not surrender us, and the animals, and the planet.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Tony Wardle the Shining World Hero Award with high esteem and sincere gratitude for your vital work, which brings more awareness of the horrible cruelty of our humans’ world to the helpless innocent people from the animal kingdom, thus lifting society out of an ignorant and violent way of life. May Heavens forever protect you and all involved, may your noble endeavors be always successful. With all love in God’s Blessing.”
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