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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Biscotti with Vegan Cheese, Vegan Ham & Tomatoes, Mixed Vegetables Sauté, Deep-fried Plantains, Crumbled Tofu, Part 1 of 2

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“Hi. If you have a guest coming, you don’t have enough time, and you haven’t done much shopping, well, you don’t need much. If you have this ready-made vegan ham, from your organic shop, then it’s good. Vegan cheese, different colors, and just have a couple of leftover vegetables. Leftover this leftover carrot, cucumber, whatever. And some tofu, just one piece of tofu. A banana or two, and the leftover cabbage.”

“Tomato on top of the cheese. Right, we do that. Take a couple more vegan ham. This is a vegan snack. It’s a little bit sharp, piquant. Similar to ham, but completely vegan. Tastes delicious, cruelty-free, healthy, and simple. It looks like the meat ham that people eat, just tastes better, healthier, less expensive, cruelty-free, bloodless, peaceful, and noble to eat.”

“One banana or one plantain is good enough. Peel it. Turn on your cooker. We heat the oil up. We need just a cooking spoon of olive oil or cooking oil. Put it in the pan, leave it there, while I’m skinning the banana. And we slice it on the long side, halve the banana, halve it. Slice it in half, the length of it. Perfect. Keep it there on a plate. We’re going to fry it.”

“We have some cabbage as a vegetable. Cut them into bite-size. Simple, easy. Just a handful of it is good enough. If you have coriander, you put the coriander in. If you crumble the tofu, then the spice will penetrate better and quicker, so you don’t have to wait too long, while your guest is in a hurry and hungry.”

“Wow, it’s already golden. So good, good, good. Looks good, there. While I’m waiting for that, I can check out if I have some coriander in the fridge. We make it nice and colorful. Just one or two simple ingredients and some spice, salt, pepper even, it will taste delicious already.”

“If we want to bring about Heaven on Earth, we must live like the beings from Heaven, which is to live harmoniously, respecting everyone’s freedom and right to life. The five precepts and the vegetarian (vegan) diet are a just and noble lifestyle, the way of a gentleman, the way of a compassionate and great wise man whose love includes all beings. As the highest being of all creation, we can distribute this grace by preserving life in the world in which we live. And this contributes to peace on Earth. This is love, this is kindness in action.”
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