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Charity and the JAMband

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Through their positive songs and lyrics, Charity and the JAMband have been bringing joy, connection, and fun to kids and parents in San Francisco, USA, since 2001. After growing up in a musical family, Charity worked briefly as a math teacher and software engineer but eventually found her calling in performing and writing songs, especially for children.

Charity explained her mission during a Zoom interview with the Supreme Master Television team in January of this year. “My mission as an artist and a human and a mother is through the vehicles of music and dance and mindfulness to bring a sense of joy, a sense of opening our hearts, relaxing our bodies, building community, and connecting to bring that energy into people's lives because I feel like our culture isn't always prioritizing that.”

Charity is a vegan, and the message of peace and compassion for all beings is at the heart of her songs. Charity runs a “15-Day Vegan Challenge + Celebration” program that provides practical guidance for people to try the vegan lifestyle in a supportive environment. Charity has released several albums, with the latest including "Family Values," "Earth: Song for the Earth and All Beings" and "Creatures and Critters."

For parents of young children dealing with stress, isolation, and confusion during the pandemic, Charity offers some advice: “Maybe the parents know this, but getting outside, get outside because being in nature and in the energy and vibrations of Earth just naturally reduces our stress and regulates our nervous system, all of our systems and our energy.”

Charity also co-founded The Invisible Bee with her partner Daryn Roven and other like-minded musicians to produce songs for grownups, channeling their thoughts, feelings, and serious concerns about challenging issues such as climate change, animal-people raising factory farms, and the injustice in the world.

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