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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Vegan Congee Morning Meal & Vegan Banana Dessert

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“OK, today we will cook some white congee, Aulacese (Vietnamese) style, also Chinese style. All you do is just have, like this, one cup of rice. Better Asian rice. And then you wash it and put it in the pot to cook. It’s boiling now, you can add a pinch of salt in it. OK, this is all we need for a cup of rice.”

“Meanwhile, I have prepared some fresh vegetables. You can use spinach. You can use even Chinese cabbage, any soft vegetable, and you boil them and then we eat them with the congee later. This is pickled lettuce. This is fermented black beans. This is pickled bamboo. It’s pickled cucumber. I have some incense, just for fun later.” “Boil the lettuce, just put it in the boiling water. That’s all. And of course, don’t boil too long.”

“And now the rice is cooked, we’re going to put it in a bigger bowl. So that we can have a nice, nice, nice, very nice breakfast. This is pickled cucumber. Pickled cucumber. Oh, nice. Very crispy, very nice. Only the Chinese and the Aulacese (Vietnamese) have them. It’s very tasty. It’s not just sour. You know? We have the stuff here.

This is, they call shu tsu, Maruko. It is Chinese stuff. Very, very tasty with the congee. Very tasty. After you eat it, you will be hooked. This is ready-made. Peanut and protein, see the protein, the gluten protein and the peanut. Very, very tasty!”

“And I’ll show you some secret, a quick banana fix. Make a quick vegan banana dessert. You just put a little hole here, so that maybe the air can come out easily. Pop in the microwave for, I think, two minutes. (It smells good, Master.)” “We have even dessert with banana, coconut, chocolate, coco chocolate. Yes, and then all you do is just eat. OK, I’m going to share with you.”
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