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Inner Earth & Nature Kingdoms: Interview with Dianne Robbins, Part 1 of 2

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For over 25 years, well-known American telepathic communicator and author Dianne Robbins has been in contact with the civilizations of Inner Earth and Earth’s elemental and nature kingdoms. Dianne tells us about the special place where she lives, Mount Shasta, in California, USA. “It’s a very sacred mountain and it carries the energy of the mother’s love. And inside the mountain is a subterranean city, and the city is called Telos. Telos means ‘communication with spirit.’ And in the center of that is an inner central sun. There’re oceans and mountains still in their pristine state, inside the Hollow Earth.”

In the book “Messages from the Hollow Earth,” Dianne shares what one of the ascended Masters explained to her about interconnectedness. “All life is interconnected, and people on the surface are now waking up to this realization of this interconnectedness. This is the seventh and last Golden Age that our spiritual hierarchy is getting us to awaken and make our connection back to God.

Everyone knows of Jesus. He’s an ascended Master. Saint Germain, Archangel Michael. Adama is an ascended Master inside Telos. We only have 10,000 years left on this planet. This planet is ascending with or without us because our whole solar system has been waiting for us – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter – all those planets in our solar system, they, all the people, are ascended, on those planets.”

The book “Telos” tells how Hollow Earth people gained their peace and immortality through their way of living. “There was a war between Atlantis and Lemuria. There was a thermonuclear war. Both continents now sit at the bottom of the oceans, and they’re both hermetically sealed. For the last 12,000 years, they’ve been living inside the mountain in peace, and they’ve been able to gain their immortality. In our consciousness, we have thoughts of sickness, aging, and death. Those are not in their consciousness. And that’s why they cannot come out until there’s peace on the surface. It’s a paradise. They never cut down trees, and they would never kill an animal. And the Library of Porthologos is a portal. The library holds all the records of our universe because the purpose of a library is to solve the problems of the planet.”
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