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Bearing Witness to Master Using Her Love to Elevate Those Deceased COVID-19 Beings in the Spirit World

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Beloved Master, Many thanks to Master for always blessing me and my family both spiritually and in everyday life. I pray to God to bless Master’s spiritual work and physical well-being.

Recently, one of my sisters died of COVID-19 complications. We were fortunate to be able to play Master’s songs in her mourning hall, so her soul could be liberated as soon as possible. After her funeral, I kept on wondering where she had gone. Two days later, a word appeared in front of me in my dream. Master let me know that my sister is now in a holy place.

The next day, before I was about to wake up, I saw a horizontal rectangular frame, within which was a heart-shape pink frame which instantly turned to a golden-yellow color. Afterwards, in the rectangular frame appeared rows of beings of the same height, sitting upright and close to each other, and wearing white clothes which clung to their bodies from head to toe. They seemed to be sitting in tranquility. The vision then changed to the front of those beings and I saw Master, in a yellow robe and a white hat, standing there and facing them with a smile. 

I was stunned. It seemed Master was using Her Love to elevate those deceased beings from the pandemic, as their bodies were all wrapped up. I was really touched by Master’s do-without-doing effort in teaching ignorant beings everywhere to find their Buddha nature.

I hope that people in the world will wake up soon to recognize the Infinite Light Buddha, the Almighty God, Their creations and the law of cause and effect, and not to kill for food. Humankind is a highly intelligent species. Please go within to connect with your original Buddha Nature, advocate that all beings are one, emanate real love, and adopt the vegan diet. In this way, there’ll be no more killing karma, which will allow the virus to subside, restore the Earth created by the Buddha and God, and preserve a beautiful and disaster-free environment, so that the world can function normally. Yue-Wen from Singapore

Content Yue-Wen, Thank you for the letter that shares your insightful story. It reminds us how blessed we are to have Master with us and how eternal and immense Her Love is.

Master embraces you with this caring reply: “Sensitive Yue-Wen, it is good that you know your sister’s soul is in the care of Heaven. Of course, I share your wish that all people would awaken to realize that the only way to truly live is in harmony with both humans and the precious animal-people. How much brighter our world would be! So we must continue to pray for World Vegan, World Peace. Much Love to you, and may you and the pure-hearted people of Singapore be forever blessed by the Divine.” 

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