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Summer Ice Popsicles, Vegan Ham with Cantaloupe & Simple Seaweed Wrap, Part 1 of 2

Language:English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt])
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“So we’re going to make three kinds of things today; the summer popsicle, natural popsicle, the second is vegan ham with cantaloupe, or if you don’t have; honeydew melon, and the third one is simple seaweed wrap. Today, no cooking. So I’m going to make first the popsicle so I can put it in the deep freeze. The children will love it because it tastes like sorbet, like ice cream, but it’s all natural and simple to make.

So I’m going to peel the orange. We’re going to slice them into three pieces, or four, or two, it depends on how big you like it. And then you just put them on a stick like this. You can have a thinner stick. I don’t have, so I use the chopsticks; convenient, you can always use them for anything.

Then next is some pear, peach, watermelon, banana, yes. I have a peach here, and so I stick it on. I have two peaches. Put them together there. Banana. You can put the whole banana on it, or just half of it is fine. It tastes really very good after it’s been frozen. Yes, you’ll be surprised. Your children will be surprised by how delicious it is. You cut the watermelon into slices thick enough to make it like a popsicle. Take away the skin. And then we cut it like this, and try to take away the seeds. There, the seeds are all gone. Put on the stick, there, there you are. Then some pear.

The thing about making your own popsicle, ice cream is that you know what you get. You don’t worry about whether it is clean or not. OK, we’re done with all the popsicles. I’m going to put it in the deep freeze now, and after a couple of hours, more or less, then it’s ready.”

“We’re going to make the vegan ham and melon. So, we’ll cut the melon. And take away the inside, the seeds; make it clean looking. Cut some in a slightly round shape, just looks nicer. Take away the skin. It’s better if you leave them in the refrigerator first for a few hours, or for a while, until it’s cool. It’s better to eat it cool in summer.

Put it on the plate, and now just put the vegan ham on it. They’re already very, very nicely done. All you do is just roll it and put it in there. I tried to economize and save a little bit, but if it doesn’t roll well, you just put a toothpick through it, and then it will hold well. Just for a nice look. Otherwise it’s OK, it tastes just the same. There you are.”
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