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Love always wins in the battle between good and evil.

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Beloved Master, During a World Vegan prayer hour on May 8, 2022, I had an inner vision as follows: The incomparably huge and mighty Master was protecting the entire Earth. Myriads of beings came to surrender and prostrate to Supreme Master Ching Hai – Lord of the Universe – to learn the teachings of Love from Master. The maya, wearing black, also bowed to beg for Master’s forgiveness. Animal-people in white cloaks were running blissfully and happily in the wilderness. We’ll definitely win this battle between good and evil, with the evil force eventually collapsing. The Power of Love will usher in brightness. I wish fellow practitioners would be more diligent in their spiritual practice and prayers, so that more beings will join the vegan family to achieve a vegan and peaceful world as soon as possible, and turn the Earth into Heaven, under the guidance of our Great Master. I-Hsin from Taiwan (Formosa)

Good-hearted I-Hsin, Having been given the gift of initiation, we are truly fortunate and eternally grateful to be the disciples of our Master.

Master shares a few words of Love with you: “Devoted I-Hsin, your unwavering faith and positive spirit touch my heart. Love always wins in the battle between good and evil. Continue to practice diligently, and if humanity U-turns now, we will soon see Heaven on Earth. May you and soothing Taiwan (Formosa) always be showered with Buddha’s infinite Light.”

“He will devour me in the next world, whose flesh I eat in this life; the wise declare this to be the real meaning of the word ‘flesh.’” ~ Manu-samhita (Hinduism) 

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