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Living a Healthy and Fulfilling Life with Thai Singer and Fitness Trainer: Nithiwat Phattaraitsaraphan (vegan)

Language:English,Thai (ภาษาไทย)
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Thriving on a plant-based diet, Nithiwat Phattaraitsaraphan, nicknamed Kru Tim, was a national fitness champion in 2012 and twice won a bronze medal in the world fitness competition under the name Jirawat Trakoolma.

Our Supreme Master Television team had the pleasure of meeting with this multi-talented champion vegan athlete and artist to listen to his remarkable story. “Hallo, I am Kru Tim, Nithiwat Phattaraitsaraphon, former bodybuilding and fitness athlete of the Thai national team from 2011 to 2016. Currently, I am a fitness instructor, fitness coach, as well as a singer, and also do some work in the entertainment industry, alternating between the two. Before I was vegan, I would admit that I was a person who liked eating meat.”

“Every year before competing in the World Championships, I would get into an accident. So I started to wonder what the reason behind this was, even though I was very careful. The last time was when I had an appendix surgery. And I felt so much pain. I thought I was definitely going to die.” “At that time, I remembered fishing or sling shooting other animals when I was a kid. They all popped into my head. It was the realization that animals have lives. At that time, I understood morality. I understood the (Buddhist) principles at that time. After the appendix surgery, I started the vegetarian diet on that day.”

“As soon as I started eating vegetarian food, I felt my skin got better in the first two months. I felt very good. I could absorb foods. I could digest foods, and I felt light, good, and the body was not heavy.” “It made exercising and bodybuilding better. I also had peace of mind.”

Additionally, he has been singing and playing guitar from a young age and has composed many songs. With his “Let’s Be Vegan,” Kru Tim gently invites people to adopt the compassionate and healthy diet. “Can you be vegan? Eat from the heart and you will feel good. Eat vegan food with me. Try it for one day, be committed to it. Being vegan is joyful, especially when you try delicious dishes with no need for exploitation, with no one’s life involved.”
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