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Vegan and Peace Offer Us Paradise, Meat-eating and War Destroy Everything, Part 5 of 9, June 15, 2022

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Many governments in the world, up to now, are doing these kinds of things. Any kinds of things which are not good for their people, but good for them. (Yes.) Sometimes they team up with gangsters or bad organizations to topple good governments, so that they can go up to be a new president, for example. (Yes, Master.) Or a new prime minister, and then continue doing business with that group, to make money for them.

It's good that all countries try to help, but the best is that they kick the Russians out of Europe. (That’s right. Indeed.) Because Ukraine is in Europe as well. (Yes. That’s right.) So kick Russia out back to their own Asian land. Kick them out of Europe before they eat everything up and kill everybody. (Yes, Master. That’s true.)

Because they still earn money from gas and oil from other different countries. It’s very noble of Europe to cut gas and oil imports all of a sudden like that. (Yes, Master.) I feel respect for them. But it’s not enough. Because other countries are still buying a lot of oil and gas from them. Especially now, maybe they make it cheaper even so that they can sell more. (Right, Master. Yes.) They can sell for many more, many more, for long future years. (Yes, Master.)

So they still can keep the war, because the Kremlin doesn’t care how many of their children die in Ukraine. Least of all, how many Ukrainian people will die. (Yes.) They care about nothing. They are safe in the Kremlin. (Yes, Master.) They’re safe with all their nuclear weapons and threatening everybody nowadays. They threaten everybody, even the United States. (Yes.) Not just Europe. Europe is just the beginning. (Yes.) And if NATO still just keeps thinking, thinking – then their members will be next. And at that time, it will be maybe too late. (Yes, Master.)

They threaten America now. Maybe not directly in the United States, but they threaten in many other ways. You know, spying and cyberattacks. (Yes, Master.) And all kinds of things - financial, and intellectual - and they infiltrate everywhere. And now, they signed a contract with Nicaragua that Russia can send armies there, station there for Nicaragua and in Nicaragua. (Oh.) Isn’t that a neighbor of the United States or many other countries? (Yes, Master.) It’s in America. It’s nearby. (Yes, Master.) Nearer than from Russia to America. (That’s true. Yes. That’s right.) That’s for sure. And they stepped in already. (Yes.)

I don’t know what for Nicaragua wants to have Russian soldiers there for them. What for? They’re not in a war or anything. (Yes. Right.) And in their country. Wow. You see, another stepping stone for Russia to jump everywhere. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They’re all over Africa and they’re in Europe now. And now they want America. (Yes, right, Master.) And of course, they have other allies, like China to back them up. Oh, man, man, man.

What for do they want to be in America? What for? (Yes, Master.) With their nuclear weapons and with some of the missiles that they're boasting they could fire from 1000 kilometers away. So, if they’re nearer, they can fire from there. (Yes, Master. True.) From Russia is maybe more difficult. (Yes, that’s true.)

I don't know what Nicaragua is doing that for. Probably the government needs money. (That’s right. Yes.) Some black market stuff. What else? (Right. Yes.) Why else can it be so easy? (Yes, exactly.) What for you invite a big, powerful and warmonger country into your country? (Yes. That’s right.) It must be a bad government, I’m telling you. (Yes. That’s right.) It cannot be the people who want it.

Many governments in the world, up to now, are doing these kinds of things. Any kinds of things which are not good for their people, but good for them. (Yes.) Sometimes they team up with gangsters or bad organizations to topple good governments, so that they can go up to be a new president, for example. (Yes, Master.) Or a new prime minister, and then continue doing business with that group, to make money for them. And that's the condition. That’s the price. (Yes.)

So, it is similar. Russia must have given them something for free, to sign the treaty. (Yes, Master.) But they should know, Russia doesn’t always keep their promise. (That’s true.) How many promises they broke already? With the United Nations, with Ukraine, with NATO even. They broke all these treaties. (Yes. Exactly.) So, Nicaragua is just a small, little country, what would they care about a treaty? What would Russia care about keeping a promise. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) And once it’s signed already, you’ll be carrying that debt forever. And then later, what to do?

If people voted for that kind government or leader, then that’s the way they deserve. But maybe they didn’t vote for them, that is the thing. (That’s true.) Maybe they don’t deserve this kind of government because they did not vote for them. Maybe they cheated in the election. (Right.) You know what I’m saying already. (Yes, Master.) It even already happened in the United States. (Yes, Master.)

So, even the, Democrats also believe it. Not all of them believe, but some big percentage believe that Biden cheated. Not him personally, but his party, his people cheated so that he could go up and become president. (Yes, Master.)

Otherwise, how can… for example, President Trump had 85 million followers on Twitter. How can they not all vote for him? (Yes, Master. That’s true.) Fans vote for you, no? (Yes, that’s true.) And inside, I saw that they voted for him. 85 million-plus. (Wow.) So, he won with flying colors. (Yes, that’s true.) I don’t care who says what. (Yes, Master.) And I confirmed it with Heaven. They said, “Yes.” It was Heaven who told me that he won with flying colors. And so, I went to eat something and sleep. I told you, “I slept well, ate good.” Until the next morning, things changed completely, like 180 degrees. (Yes, that’s right.) From leading to defeated. (Yes.) Oh, so quickly like that!

Similar to the New Jersey governor. Remember? (Oh, yes.) First, he lost, and next morning, just overnight he won. The Democrat governor won instead of the Republican who was leading already, and suddenly it changed to the opposite. Suddenly the Democrat governor changed to winning. The next morning, early morning, so quick. (Yes, Master.) How can a huge lead suddenly become a defeat? (Yes, Master.)

So, first Trump was leading and winning, and then the next morning Biden won! For example. And so many investigations came to nothing. “Too small.” “Not enough evidence.” They burned them all. They even have some video of people burning them. (Yes.) Or people buying votes. And all the dead people come alive to vote. Or people from other states to vote for this state. For example. (Yes, Master.) All that is “too small.” “It’s nothing, it’s too little, not enough evidence.”

It’s just like if somebody goes into your house and he wants to take the television, but he was discovered, so he took only your radio. But that is “too little,” “not sufficient evidence.” (Yes.) And he took your wallet. “It’s also nothing, too small.” “He’s not a thief. Not enough to be a thief.” Oh, my God. It’s all crazy. (Yes, Master.)

Just like in California, they allow anybody to go in any shop to take anything they want, as long as it’s under US$950. Remember? (Yes, Master. Right.) It’s legal, it’s open, and it’s the law! What kind of law is that? (Yes, right.) What kind of law encourages, trains and teaches your people to become thieves? (Right. Yes.) How honorable can that be? My God! How can people vote for this kind of government? I can’t believe it.

Maybe they also cheated to get there. Or maybe people misunderstood them, trusted the wrong guys. (Yes, Master.) And then they showed their face afterward, after they got already the title, the position. They show their true face afterward. (Yes, Master.) Like mask. They mask their face, and afterward, they show it when they already got what they wanted.

Oh, man, what a world. If I could, I would just take you back Home now; we forget this world. I don't know why I cannot forget it yet. But you can see, it looks like Heavens want to destroy humans. (Yes, Master.) All kinds of things, not just war. (Yes.) Everywhere. It's too scary to live in this world. (Yes, it is. Yes, Master. Yes. Very.) For anybody. (Yes. Right.) For the poor people.

Anything else? (One last good news. The Pakistani Taliban has announced an indefinite ceasefire with Pakistan’s government after talks facilitated by the Afghan Taliban government. So, the Pakistani Taliban said great progress had been made during dialogue in Kabul, and a Pakistani government official also said that negotiations were moving in a positive direction.) OK. (So, let’s hope that that continues.)

That’s good, that’s good. Maybe the change in the government helps. They changed the prime minister, No? (Yes, they did.) Maybe, better or softer talk, or better affinity with each other. (Yes.) Sometimes people have affinity with each other, so things work out better for them. (Right. Yes.) It’s not necessarily like that person is better than this person, but it’s just a better affinity. (Right.) They have better karma with each other in the past life, so it’s easier to work out in this life. (Yes, Master.)

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