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Vegan and Peace Offer Us Paradise, Meat-eating and War Destroy Everything, Part 7 of 9, June 15, 2022

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So, I hope NATO, Europe and the West will do something, to kick out the Russians. Flush them out. (Yes.) Flush them out of Europe. (Yes. Right.) Otherwise, we will be in big trouble. The world will be in a worse situation. No country will be safe because Russia is too aggressive throughout history. They always go here and there, invading this country, that country, control that part, this part.

They’ve been eating the food from Ukrainian comrades, their own co-citizens. And they’ve been fed by them and nourished by them and taken care of by them until they’ve grown up, and then turned around and killed them, their own people. (That’s crazy.) That is no good. And none of the governments should support this kind of mentality of betrayal of their own country and their own people. (Yes, Master.)

I think some of the Russian leaders realize it now. (Yes.) That’s why they don’t want to support them anymore. I guess before, they heard from the separatist people who want to amass their own riches and power, this kind of ambition. (Yes.) These kinds of people probably have been telling Russia that the Ukrainian government is bad and oppressing them. (Yes, Master.) And now maybe the Russian people realize it’s not true! (Ah, yes.) Because all the people in Ukraine support their government. And they even go out to fight with their own government soldiers. (Yes, Master.) The rest are running from war. So, nobody likes Russia. (Yes, Master.)

Before, maybe they kept injecting some lies, fake news to the Russian leaders. (Yes.) So, that’s why they thought they could win in Ukraine easily, because all the people are pro-Russia and hate the Ukrainian government. And now I think they realize it’s not true. They don’t want to support or to give any more reinforcements to these separatists, to these betrayers of their own country and their own people for no reason. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

So, it’s true that they all know now that the government is not bad, because all the people support them. (That’s right.) Nobody went to Russia and said, “Oh, yes, we are coming with you because our government is bad.” Nobody did that, except these separatists who hunger for power. (Understand.) They think they can just lean on Russia’s power, and then they will be protected and helped and all kinds of stupid stuff.

I don’t know if any government at all ever can trust any of these separatists who went against their own country and their own people. (That’s right, Master.) I wouldn’t. (Yes, understand.) Only stupid people would. I don’t think any people would be that stupid to trust these kinds of disloyal citizens of the other country. (That’s right.) I wouldn’t trust them. (Yes, Master.) So now, I hope also that these separatists repent and change. Otherwise, their lives will be gone soon. (Yes, Master.)

So, I hope NATO, Europe and the West will do something, to kick out the Russians. Flush them out. (Yes.) Flush them out of Europe. (Yes. Right.) Otherwise, we will be in big trouble. The world will be in a worse situation. No country will be safe because Russia is too aggressive throughout history. They always go here and there, invading this country, that country, control that part, this part. (Yes, Master.)

Even in Finland, there was a Russian invasion. That’s why they don’t want to talk about that now – they just go to join NATO. (Yes, Master.) There’s no more discussion, no more thinking. No more risking, waiting for that to happen again. (Yes, Master.)

So, they should kick Russia out of Europe. They should get together, then they’re stronger than Russia. They can flush Russia out of Europe before it’s too late. That’s all I can say. That will be the good news if they can do that. (Yes.) That will be the best news concerning the war up to now. (Definitely. Yes, Master.)

But it looks like this NATO leader, he’s as soft as a worm. Or maybe he doesn’t want the war to end. (Oh.) It seems like that. Maybe he enjoys it. And also, Stoltenberg, he kind of helped Russia and Norway negotiate a deal about their gas and natural oil resources in the sea area between their countries. (Yes, Master.) So, it was OK, so both Russia and Norway divided the area so they could get on with their oil and gas exploration. And that’s how he earned himself the seat of NATO now. People trusted him, thinking that he could be a good guy. (Yes, Master.)

But as I explained before already, this is the time to really prove if he’s a good guy. (Yes, Master.) But up to now, I don’t see any sign of it. (Yes, understand.) It seems like he doesn’t care how many Ukrainian people die or how many Russians continue to die in Ukraine, or how much destruction of buildings, even churches, hospitals and many important areas. (Yes, Master.)

At that time maybe it was easy, because Putin wasn’t that leaning toward making war with Ukraine. (Yes.) Maybe he wasn’t ready at that time. And now, he really makes war with Ukraine. So many tens of thousands of people died on both sides, and millions of refugees, and children are orphans, homeless and raped, killed, murdered and tortured, and all that going on – and he does nothing. And even standing there tall and confirming that they are not doing anything. NATO will protect their own member’s land only. (Yes, Master.) Oh, yuck. So sickening.

I mean, if NATO has some guts, then they should do something. (Yes, Master.) And if NATO really has no spine, then please, Europe and other countries get together and tell Russia to get out. (Yes.) Show some guts, show some strength, so that Russia will understand finally that it’s time to go. (Yes, for sure.)

What for are they leaders? If you are a leader, you have to lead. (That's right.) You have to show some strength of a leader, show some worth. (True.) Otherwise, what for are you a leader? If you are not worth it, then you step down, let somebody else go and do the job. (Yes, Master.) You can’t just sit there, occupying the seat and doing nothing.

Show some worth, man, finally. It’s about time. (Yes, Master.) They should show some leadership. (Yes.) That’s all there is. Just show some leadership. Show some worth so that people trust you. (Yes, Master.) You have to do something to show that you are really worthy to sit there in the seat of leadership. (Yes, that's right.)

People trusted Stoltenberg. But that was long ago. That was just something so that he can get in. (Yes.) It’s the game of the demons. They do that. Just like I told you something about good friends and bad friends. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Some bad friends pretend to be your friend for some reason, and they help you here and there. It looks like they are very willing in some small way, but when it comes to a very important issue, they drop you. They betray you. They let you die or they let you suffer. (Yes, Master.)

Many of the Republicans are like that to Trump also. A couple of the Republicans who are really hard against Trump still try to defame Trump and try to impeach him. You can look at their face. (Yes.) So hard and so nasty. So vicious. Also stone cold. (Yes, Master. Right.) Like they don’t have a soul in their heart. You can see it.

Like, for example, Cheney. Just because her father was the vice president. You can see, you see her face. (Yes.) You see it all over, how she looks. (Yes, Master.) And then another one’s called Kinzinger, Republican. You look at his face. The one who is still prosecuting the January 6 people, and Trump. Digging into Trump’s things because of January 6. Kinzinger. You see his face? (Yes, I see his face.) You see he is good and friendly, or virtuous, or any loving person? Or fair person? No? (No, Master.) Looks so vicious, right? (Yes.) So nasty. You can see these two. And the others, I don’t remember their names.

OK, good. Now you know I’m in more trouble. But, if I don’t tell you, you would not know! (That’s true. Yes, Master.) You look at their faces on the internet. All their faces, that they’ve shown up to now. I don’t know who even voted for him to be a House member.

They look so ugly and nasty, and/or cold. (Yes.) And the inside comes out so easily to see. All the darkness from inside comes out. (Yes.) People think they can do anything, and nobody will know, because they are covered by the body. But no, sometimes it’s too much, the body cannot cover you. (Right. Right, Master.) All the color comes out. (Yes.)

People have either aura or color. Like, if people have pink color around them, that means they are loving. Not the higher love, but human love. (Yes, Master.) Like, they love their parents, for example. (Yes.) Or they love their children, something like that. Not a very bad person. (Yes, Master.) They won’t do anything to harm people, for example. That’s the pink color. They don’t have light, it’s just a color. But many, many people have dark colors, like black or brown or murky. (Yes.) Or red, or dark red, or fiery red. These people are very bad. (Oh.) They can harm anybody they want, if they can.

These people who are against Trump have this kind – all dark color comes out. (Yes, Master.) Biden also – dark comes out, dark things come out, all the time. Anybody who is nearby will get affected. (Wow. Oh.) Maybe that’s the reason why many people from the White House all leave, one by one – and a lot leave. They left Biden’s Office, they left the Vice President Harris’ Office, as well. (Yes.) Keep leaving. Still do.

My God. Talking about that, it hurts my heart even. Because talking about them, their bad karma comes. One moment.

Anything else? No? (No, Master.) Good, good. I don’t think I want to talk about the story anymore. I don’t feel like it. See, that is the problem. That’s why I hate the war and the problems of the world, it just puts you off. It sucks up your energy, your enthusiasm, and your happiness, as well. (That’s true, Master, yes. Yes, Master.) Collective bad energy.

Also, my voice becomes a little different now, like coarser. (Yes, Master.) So maybe next time. (Alright, Master. Yes, OK, Master.) How many hours did I talk already? One only, right? (One hour and 25 minutes.) So long? Just take a break first, to see if we can. (Yes, Master.) I really want to break my own record. This is nothing. (It’s OK, Master.)

Before the war we were happier, right? (Yes, true, Master.) I talked for five-six hours, feeling nothing. Maybe you were yawning, but I wasn’t. I thought it was cool to keep going. I though you liked me. I thought you wanted to listen. (We do, Master. Yes, we do, Master.) I went on, and on, and on. Six hours, or five hours something. (Five hours.) And ever since the war, up to now, I could never talk that long anymore. (That’s right. Right.) Just talking about these bad people sucks my energy out, truly. (Yes, Master.) I feel it. And now my heart pains. (Yes.)

OK, go take a break. I’ll call you back later. (Yes, Master. OK, Master.) Go take a break, go out in the fresh air, or something. (Yes, Master.) I will call you back to say whether or not. (OK, Master.)

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