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Vegan and Peace Offer Us Paradise, Meat-eating and War Destroy Everything, Part 8 of 9, June 15, 2022

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You never know, people for any reason sometimes just keep oppressing smaller groups or countries, calling them terrorists. (Yes, Master.) Just like the Kremlin calls the Ukrainians “terrorists.” (Yes, that’s right.) They’re just defending their country. (Yes, Master.) Russia came in and they stood up because they don’t want to be slaves to Putin or Russia.

Listen here. In Newsweek again: “EU Parliament 'Cautiously Confident' on Ukraine bid as leaders go to Kyiv.” They promised. They said that they’re going to accept Kyiv as a candidate of the EU next week. (Wow!) And look here. The president of the EU Parliament just announced that. (Yes, Master.) And she said that it would be impossible, it would be unthinkable that we close the door to them, next week. (Yes, understand.)

OK, listen. These leaders are coming, who were before difficult, opposing Ukraine, and now, look: “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron and Draghi are expected to travel to Kyiv on Thursday to meet with Zelenskyy. (Wonderful.) The talks could be pivotal in determining Ukraine's future path.” (Wow. That’s so good.) Yeah.

“Media Report from CityNews, June 17, 2022, Reporter (f): The three Western European powers have been criticized by Ukraine for not going all out in their support of the country that's under invasion. Now, the trio looking to smooth things over. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy welcoming the backing from the visiting leaders, which also included the Romanian president, who are supporting Ukraine's bid to join the European Union with immediate candidate status they say.”

(Such good news.) Yes. Even before, Draghi was supportive. And he even said sometime this month, “that every major EU nation, excluding Italy, was opposed to Ukrainian candidate status.” (Wow.) And they need all of them, 27 members have to agree. That’s their law to agree to let any other country come in. (Yes, Master.) And to enlarge the European Union is complicated normally. (Yes, it is.) I saw many countries, it takes years. (Yes, it does.) And some don’t have any chance. (Yes.) Like before, they did not let Turkey. (Yes, Master.)

And I read here one of the lines; one of the mayors of an occupied city of Ukraine, I guess said to France or Macron, “Cede France to Putin, not Ukraine.” You see, because Macron said, “You should give some land to Putin to end the war.” You remember? (Yes, Master.) So, he said, “Cede your own France to Putin.”

I just read it now, but I said that before. (Yes.) I said, suppose it is France, would he do that? (No.) If Putin came and took some area of France, would he immediately give it, so that it ceases the war? (No, Master.) So now they say fast track, for Ukraine to get in, even fast track Ukraine’s membership ambition. (Yes. That’s wonderful.)

(Master, Turkey is not part of the EU yet.) OK. That’s how many decades already? (Yes.) Croatia is in the EU already. They were waiting, waiting, waiting, some years ago. They told me at that time. And even Romania is in the EU. Some years ago, they told me, “We’re waiting another seven years, another five years, another three years.” (Yes, Master.) At that time when I was in Croatia, I asked them. They said, “Oh, still waiting.” They told me at that time maybe three years or something. They’re in, it’s good. And Turkey was before that, and still not in. (Yes, since 1987 they’ve been applying.)

I don’t blame the EU for not letting them in. (Yes.) You can see that now. They’re against good people, like Sweden and Finland. (Yes, Master.) For their safety, for their security, Erdoğan doesn’t want them to go in. He obstructed them, giving them a hard time. (Yes. That’s right.)

I think NATO maybe should let Turkey go out instead, and let the other two in easily. (Yes.) Because Turkey is so obviously pro-Russia. Especially in this time of war. (Yes, Master.) For what reason? Ukraine suffers like that and they’re pro-Russia in many ways, and shielding all of their oligarchs in Turkey. (Yes.) And then talking about Sweden being friendly to terrorist groups. (Yes, that’s right.)

Who knows who is a terrorist? I don’t know if it’s Turkey or the Kurdish people. (Yes, understand.) Just because you have power, you are president of the country, it doesn’t mean that you are proven to be better than those groups’ leaders. (No, Master.) You never know, people for any reason sometimes just keep oppressing smaller groups or countries, calling them terrorists. (Yes, Master.) Just like the Kremlin calls the Ukrainians “terrorists.” (Yes, that’s right.) They’re just defending their country. Russia came in and they stood up because they don’t want to be slaves to Putin or Russia. (Yes.)

Anybody who comes into your house, according to the law, and does some bad things to you, you are able to shoot them legally. (That’s right.) On your grounds, you have the right. If you are outside, maybe not. But if they come into your house, you can always claim that they threatened you, terrorized you. And then Russia went in, and they call the owner of the house “terrorists,” and “robbers.” (That’s ridiculous.) It’s the opposite position. They are the robbers. (Yes, Master.)

I’m glad that things seem to be more peaceful. Just like I read you the news before and this news again now. (Yes, Master.) I was told, two days ago, but I couldn’t believe it happened. (That’s wonderful.) I couldn’t believe it, I kept arguing with myself saying, “Oh, they keep telling me all kinds of things. It won’t happen. How can?” But now it’s so obvious. (Yes.) Oh, I thank all Heavens and Earth and all the demons as well for turning around.

There’s also good news that, “A Russian official ignores state TV’s nuclear war threats (as) ‘fake news.’” (Oh, good.) (Yes, finally.) “A Russian official accused the West of spreading ‘fake news’ about Russia’s hypothetical use,” this is from Newsweek, with permission to use, “of nuclear weapons amid the war in Ukraine, ignoring numerous instances in which Russian state television suggested or warned of the use of such weapons in recent months.” (Yes.) You hear the opposite sound? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Before it’s flying all over, nuclear this, nuclear that, and now it’s just flattened out.

Oh, man! Isn’t that good news? (Oh, it’s wonderful news.) This is truly good news. (Yes, Master.) Oh, I cannot believe this. I mean, I should know. In a couple of days. I said, “How is it possible?” (Things change so fast.) How is it possible?

Just now, I read it, then, I believed it. I mean, black and white. (Yes.) Because many times we said many things, but it didn’t happen. Everybody says this and that. And I’m just tired of all this. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, my God! One good news after another. Let’s hope it just keeps going truly! I just hope it continues. It’s truly coming!

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