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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 4 of 8, June 25, 2022

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And then, for example, I said that people should wear masks. This is in the news like that. (Yes, Master.) And then the scientists also discovered that the monkeypox now changed their attitude, changed their quality, changed their strategy, so now it’s airborne even. So that’s why they recommended masks.

Number 6: “Ukraine has to retreat from Severodonesk.” Because the Russians were overwhelming them. (Too bad.) They don’t have enough manpower, they don’t have enough weapons. They say for every one missile that Ukraine fired out, there were ten returned from Russia. (Wow. Oh, my gosh.) So, they cannot always afford it. (Yes, Master.) Once you fire your missile, maybe you give away your position. (Right.) That even. So, if you don’t have enough power to cover yourself then the enemy will overwhelm you. So, they were ordered to retreat. The soldiers did not want to, but the upper government told them to retreat because they didn’t want them to die too much there anymore. It’s been a long time fighting over there, that area. (Yes, Master.)

Number 7: “There was a man just walking in his yard and a big tree fell on him and he died.” (Oh.) That was after a storm. It’s in America. After the storm, maybe that tree did not fall down yet and waited for him to go under there and fell down and killed him.

Number 8: “There’s an underwater volcano that could cause huge tsunami for Italy.” (Wow.) Remember one time in Tonga, there was also an underwater volcano? (Yes, that’s right. Yes, Master.) And it broke out and then Tonga suffered a big destruction. (Right.) And normally up to that day, they’d never had any COVID-19. (Yes.) And after the international aid was brought in for them, because the island was much destroyed, then they began to have COVID. (Oh, my gosh.)

There’s some bad news like: “Ukraine reports massive attack from Belarus.” I told you already, Russia has different armies from different countries. (Yes, Master.) And Ukraine is alone. It’s not fair. (Gosh.) Terrible.

And many other bad news. But we will just make some of the international ones. (Yes, Master.)

“Auschwitz Museum says that it is also being used like propaganda for Russia.”

But there’s also some strange news like, “Russian air defense system suffers epic malfunction.” (Oh.) A video shows that. And also, “Pro-Russian militants say that they have taken Ukrainian fortified positions.” (Oh, no.)

And the earthquake in Afghanistan is making trouble for the Taliban because they have a hard time to respond to the earthquake victims because of international isolation as well. (Oh, yes, gosh.)

But there’s some good news from Ukraine, like, “The Ukrainians destroyed some of the Russian combat instruments like tanks and ammunition.” (Yes, Master.) And also, “Ukrainian special forces work with artillery units, take out Russian forces.” So, they gain here and they lose there. (Yes, Master.)

The “G7 must act to help tackle global hunger crisis.” The German UN Food Agency said something like that. (Yes, Master.)

“Some people have to drive through Russia to escape the Ukraine war.”

And “World leaders are facing crises on all fronts. Putin will be watching if they fail.” (Oh.)

And some “Ukraine farm animals burned alive in Russian bombing.” Oh, God! Poor animal-people! Oh, God! Oh!

“In the UK and mainland Europe, there are fresh transport strikes.” (Yes, Master.) All this, only bad news.

And “Germany ends Nazi-era abortion ad law.” (Oh.) I will check it out, probably abortion advertisement, they will allow that. (Yes, Master.)

“Op-Ed: Ukraine suffers, but Putin and Russia will be the loser.” Some positive opinions. (Yes, Master. Sounds true.) Hope so.

“Oslo police believe mass shooting that killed 2 and injured 10 was terror attack.” It’s everywhere, just shooting, shooting. (Yes, Master.) There’s not one day gone by that I don’t see any shooting news on the internet screen.

“Russia pushes to block second city in eastern Ukraine.”

There’s another shooting at a gay bar here. (Oh.) Oh, God. Injured 21 and killed two. Oh, terrible.

And there is, “Putin’s top priest collapses during Russian Church ceremony.” (Oh, wow.) Must be a bad one.

And the Washington Post says something like, an assessment from Western countries, saying, “Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities.” So optimistic. They said that even though there is a Russian advance, it’s likely to stall during the coming weeks as “Putin dealt blow.”

This is, “Ukrainians fire three large tactical ballistic missiles at Russian forces, ammo depots.”

This is from Metro press agent. “Russia hit with a series of unexplained explosions as two fireballs cause mass blackout.” They always have some mysterious explosions. Nobody knows why and where from. (Yes.)

“The Ukrainians’ American-made rockets blast the Russians for the first time.” Well, there are some good news and bad news for Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

And there’s some good news here: “One hundred million dollar World Bank loan approved to resolve malnutrition in Philippines.” (Wow.)

Somebody here is saying that “Foreign chief Locsin says no more joint exploration of oil with China.”

Russian air force struggling in Ukraine because of combat problem. That’s it.

And then it comes back to the small news here from my mobile phone. “Kremlin officials see that NATO is preparing for war with Russia.” “Ukrainian sappers remove bomb from Kharkiv block.”

That is that for now. I haven’t the time to read more than that. Every day our world doesn’t seem to be in a peaceful era at all. (No, it doesn’t, Master.) Even some good news is also from the war. (Yes.) And from hunger, from problems. (Yes, always sad.) Even if problem solving, there is a problem there. (Yes, Master.) Bad things and good things are just together somehow. (Yes, Master.) We never can have all good things in this world.

And that’s just two and a half days that I looked into the Internet. There’s so many bad news like that! All bad news! (Yes, Master. It’s a lot.) Many other news are also bad news. (Yes, Master.) Or just nothing to be happy about. I did not have time to write all that down. But even just that is enough already for you to know what kind of world we live in. In two and a half days, so much bad news like that. (Yes, Master.)

Every time I send you news, I only send those that I think are good ones. Because news, they sometimes also develop. Sometimes they say something, but that’s in the early stage of the matter. Later they update the reports. (Yes, Master.) Then I will send you the updated. Every time I send, it’s hundreds of news. And after a couple of days, it’s full, so I have to delete. (Yes, Master.) We don’t support fake news, and I mean that. You know that. (Yes, Master.)

So, now this monkeypox is new, and they consider to announce it to the world, the World Health Organization, whether or not to announce that it’s an emergency already. (Yes, Master.) In the beginning, they said it’s only transmitted in some remote corner, maybe Africa or something like that. But it’s updated, updated all the time. (Yes, Master.)

And lately it’s all over already. It’s not just in Africa or that remote corner anymore. And they even discovered that it’s airborne. And then, for example, I said that people should wear masks. This is in the news like that. (Yes, Master.) And then the scientists also discovered that the monkeypox now changed their attitude, changed their quality, changed their strategy, so now it’s airborne even. (Oh. Yes, Master.) So that’s why they recommended masks.

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