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Between Master and Disciples

The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 7 of 8, June 25, 2022

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They truly are protecting me. I mean, from the Divine, or Love, or the Ascended Masters. (Yes, Master.) I have three Ascended Masters always around. (Oh.) I said, “But why are You here? I mean, thank You but I did not ask for help from You.” He said, “I have passed down to You the Quan Yin Method. So, I have to be around.”

I don’t know how much they’re interested in these things, like bird-, and spider-, and frog-people. “Quack, quack, quack.” And chipmunk-, and squirrel-people, they’re all helping. (Yes, Master.)

My God, I’m so touched to tears sometimes. So, sometimes I’m annoyed. I said, “Stop it, enough already; I heard all of you already, or some of your brothers and sisters already. No need to keep telling me the same stuff.” (Yes, Master.) I said, “If anything new, you tell me. If nothing new, don’t!” (Yes, Master.) I said, “I’m busy. I can’t just stand there and listen to you. If it’s not new, don’t tell me.” They said, “We have to emphasize.” I said, “Oh, God! They talk like humans.” Truly like humans. (Yes, Master.)

But they truly are protecting me. I mean, from the Divine, or Love, or the Ascended Masters. (Yes, Master.) I have three Ascended Masters always around. (Oh.) I said, “But why are You here? I mean, thank You but I did not ask for help from You.” He said, “I have passed down to You the Quan Yin Method. So, I have to be around.”

They are very happy to be around. And then the other one, I said, “But why then are You here?” “Oh, I was Your disciple.” These are recent. (Yes, Master.) Like in my lifetime. And there is one in a past lifetime. I said then, “But why are You here?” He said, “I was Your Master, before this Master.” (Wow.) Yeah, it’s truly like that. They’re all connected, in this lifetime. In this very lifetime. (Yes.)

That one is not in my lifetime. But the one that so-called passed down the Method to me, is the disciple of the other Master, and that other Master was the disciple of that Master. (Yes.) And that Master was me. He said, “I was Your Master also, a long time ago. (Yes, Master.) That was before this lifetime, but that Master was still alive in this century. (Yes.) Just right before I was born, He passed away. (Yes, Master.) So, They all claim that They have things to do with me, so They hang around, helping sometimes – protection, or whatever. Or telling me things that I don’t even listen to, or I don’t hear, because I’m too busy with Supreme Master Television. (Yes.)

I do not really like Supreme Master Television too much, because I have to research many negative news also in connection with it. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And I don’t like that. It makes me not well – sometimes headaches and I have to stop right away, and do it again later. (Yes, Master.)

And also, the eyes bother me. It’s because the body is affected by all this bad news energy, and it infiltrates the body and the body has to flush it out. (Yes.) And mostly it goes out through the mouth with the mucus, or with the eye irritant. The eyes’ liquid is not the same, it’s not like tears anymore. It’s thick, it’s irritating and it hurts. (Yes, Master.) Of course, it goes down also to the kidneys and passes out the other side. (Yes, Master.) But often, during that elimination of waste, it goes out from other outlets, like the eyes, the nose and the mouth. (Yes.)

So, do you remember, every time I was in the public lecture, my nose began flowing. (Yes, Master.) It’s very embarrassing. And my eyes also. (Yes.) Either twitching or tearing – from nothing. It wasn’t like I was eating some chili or something before I came out. Mostly, I don’t have a chance to eat before I come out, it is too rushing. (Yes, Master.) So, it is like that. And if I have nothing to do and I don’t look at these bad news, my eyes are OK. (Yes, Master.) So, you cannot say it is a coincidence. (Yes, Master.)

Do you have any good news for me? (Yes, Master, we have one.) Tell me. (Dmitry Muratov, the Russian editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, has auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize medal for US$103.5 million. And he said all the money from the sale would go to help refugees from the war in Ukraine.) That’s a long time already. (June 21st is the news article.) I saw that a couple of weeks ago at least. (Oh.) Not today. He auctioned it. (Yes, Master.) And probably today it was the last offer, I guess. Maybe. I can’t remember how much it was reported that day, when I saw it several times. It’s good. It’s better because he’s Russian. (Yes. That’s right.) There was another bad news for Putin, if he’s still there.

You saw the photos, he looks different. (Yes.) When you compare together, next to each other, then you can tell it’s not Putin at all. (Yes. Right.) Even if you don’t believe that he’s a demon manifested, then you can tell that maybe it’s a double. (Yes, Master.) All the presidents have doubles. (Yes.) I also want to find a double. I have to. So I just send them out, wearing beautiful clothes and stuff and just flying around, walking around, running around, and people are happy. And I stay home eating my spaghetti, watching TV, whatever. That would be a good idea. (Yes, Master.)

(Master has billions of transformation bodies. It’s just that we all can’t see it.) But the thing is you cannot see. (Yes, we cannot.) There are millions or more. (Yes, Master.) As many as possible, but just you don’t see. The dog-people see. Shame on you. (Yes.)

Don’t worry, maybe one day you will – when you’re in Tim Qo Tu’s Land. “Oh, there, there, there, Master’s so beautiful body. So big, so grand, so bright. Not so small like Her, down there.”

All of you are happy? (Yes, Master, we are.) OK, then I’m happy also. It’s good like that. You try, if you can, go to bed early after the last meditation, and then you get up in the morning and work in the morning instead. But, cannot, don’t have enough time, right? (Yes, no time.) Do what you can. Sleep when you can. But you have three siestas every day. (Yes, Master.) So that doesn’t count? (Yes, that does, Master. Helps a lot.) That doesn’t count as sleep? Sometimes the body doesn’t obey your commands.

So that’s it, only one good news? (We had a couple of others, but they’re the same as Yours.) Like what? (The one about abortion and Ukraine having the EU status.) Ah, OK, OK. Then it’s good. So, you’re also on edge, also looking for the news. (Yes, Master.) I have to. Even if I don’t want, I like to look for the animal-people. (Oh, yes.) And then, there is always some other news next to it anyway. (Right. Yes.) Then you can’t just ignore it. (Right. Yes) Animal-people news and animal-people clips make me happy. (Yes.) And, of course, I give it to the news team (Yes, Master.) so they can also share them with the whole world, to make them happy too.

By the way. Before I never looked at TV. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) Even they also arranged it for me in different places so that I could watch some TV, because before I watched TV. (Yes.) But I never really purposely looked at the news. (Yes, Master. Yes, understand.) Now and then I look for some good films or something, otherwise not much. Or before, when the Supreme Master Television was in LA, I looked at news from the TV. Because before, I didn’t have anything else. I didn’t know how to handle computers. It’s only now that I do it. Before, I didn’t have computers. I didn’t know how anyway. So I looked at the television, on the different channels. (Yes, Master.)

In Europe, they have different channels for different news, and I sent it to Los Angeles for Supreme Master Television, for them to put in the news. (Yes, Master.) And now I do the same. Between that, I never did. Before that, I never did much. I don’t really like TV, because mostly, it’s bad news. (Yes. Right.) And makes me cry a lot. That’s the reason I left home. (Ah, yes.) Because the world was so sad. (Yes, Master.) That’s how it is. If we don’t have any good news, then this is a very short Fly-in News for you. It’s good for a change that it’s not too long. (Yes, Master.)

How about the boys, did you enjoy also the vegan blue cheese? The one from America? (Yes, Master.) Oh, that’s very rare. You shared, right? (Yes, Master. All gone.) Did you like or not like it? (Like. We love it.) The other one’s also blue cheese – but it’s black. (Yes.) So you have black and blue.

It’s all blue, I didn’t lie. It’s just the color. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s vegan, so different people use different materials – so it comes out differently. (Yes, Master.) But the blue one looks real. (Yes.) That triangle one that I sent you guys, that’s from England. (Wow.) All of them are hard to find. Now we are hunting them like people hunting diamonds. (So precious.) Yeah. It’s truly like that. Because diamonds are easier then. Go into a jewelry shop and you get them. This one, I don’t know where it’s from. And so hard because not everybody makes vegan cheese.

Because vegans are not all that mainstream. It is, but people still eat meat. (Yes, Master.) So, they also have this kind of milk cheese. But not vegan cheese. And whoever makes it, it’s so popular, so sometimes you have to queue. (Yes.) From Austria, they brought only a couple of pieces, from England, a couple of pieces, from America, a couple of pieces, like that. So, just enough to make you feel like you want more. But have nothing! (Enough to drool.) Just keep drooling and thinking “Oh, we’ll have it again.” Don’t think too much about that. But one good thing is that because all of you have some now, so I don’t feel like having them anymore.

Every time it’s like that. If I introduce to anybody anything, later it won’t taste good to me anymore. (Sorry about that.) No, it’s OK. It gets rid of things for me. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Less addiction to anything is better. (Yes, Master.) For me it’s like that. Always, all my life, it’s like that. Ever since I have disciples, it’s like that. Every time I introduce them something that I like so much, gone, that’s it. I never want to look at it again. It’s good news.

I like Korean sharp noodles. But you cannot eat a lot, it’s too sharp. You put some salad or something more into it or a little bit of cucumber. (Yes, Master.) Fresh. It’s OK after you warm it up, or you cook it, you put these things in fresh to taste better and also less sharp. (Yes, Master.) If you like it. If you don’t like, you don’t have to eat it. You also can eat that soup, because mostly you eat the noodles first, and then the soup’s leftover, the broth. (Yes, that’s right.) Then you can dip a French baguette in it; it tastes really good. (Wow!) Yeah! I’m telling you. I know everything.

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