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Planting Trees: A Smart Investment for Health

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Air, water, and soil are three crucial natural resources for almost all living beings to survive, and trees are the great guardians of these elements. Trees and plants are the lungs of ecosystems. They are known for their excellent ability to generate oxygen via photosynthesis with the help of the sun’s energy.

Another benefit of trees is their remarkable capacity to act as a filter for atmospheric pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which are among the most common air pollutants that are detrimental to health. How much can tree planting remove air pollution? The US Forest Service reported that trees in the United States save more than 850 human lives and prevent 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms every year!

Trees can act as a medium to block noise pollutants as well. They reduce noise via a phenomenon called sound attenuation, meaning lowering sound intensity. Trees and greenery are simple and effective ways to cool down a city. Trees can effectively improve water quality by intercepting rainfall with their leaves.

Trees are not just functional, but they are also aesthetically pleasing too. Scientific evidence shows that forest trees give off volatile essential oils called phytoncides, which have antimicrobial properties that help strengthen our immunity. Being around trees more frequently appears to be a simple and economical way to improve our general wellness.

Currently, around 3 trillion trees and forests cover about 30% of the world's land area. However, their numbers are declining at an alarming rate due to animal-people factories and deforestation. To stop the destruction of our beloved planet and prevent the loss of precious trees, adopting a vegan diet is the quickest and easiest step every one of us can take. Planting trees is also highly beneficial. It must therefore be our conscious choice to make the right move to protect our home and the homes of our co-inhabitants. Let’s plant more trees, be vegan, and reconnect with nature for true health and preserving our precious planet.

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