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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, Part 8 of 8, June 25, 2022

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Oh, it’s a terrible world that we live in. Like, husband kills wife, boyfriend kills girlfriend, girlfriend kills boyfriend, even kills their children. All kinds of terrible things, like hell! Oh, my God. How do people live like… So scary! (Yes.) If you live in the neighborhood and such things happen, how would you sleep well? (Right.) You would never expect such things to happen, that are so horrible!

You can have only a little swipe at the cheese with your eyes, or put your finger there and then lick your finger. And not a lot. But I gave whoever whatever there was – everything gone. Whatever I could already. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Even just a different group.

Sometimes half of your brothers can eat that, and the other time the other half must eat it. (Yes, Master.) Not like, I love this group and I don’t love the other group. Why the other group doesn’t have? (Yes, understand, Master.) Also sometimes, the cheese only Westerners, or the people who are used to it, like it. The other ones don’t like it. You don’t like it, huh? (I like it, I like it.) Why did you say, “Oh, better save it for somebody else.” Are you generous or you don’t like and just being polite? You don’t have to like it. (I like it. Just I feel I don’t) Too little, right? (love it like the Westerners.) Ah, OK. Understand, understand.

(So, if it’s precious, we can save it for others.) For those who like it. (Yes, yes.) Who are so addicted. (Like it more than me.) More addicted. (Yes, yes.) I know that, I know that. That’s why I have to go through so much trouble for these cheese addicts. Never mind, we eat for a while and maybe later nobody will miss it that much. Then, we don’t have to order.

It’s very difficult to order them. (Yes, Master.) Only when sometimes somebody happens to go to your country, then I can ask them to send it through that person. (Yes.) But they cannot take a lot either. (Yes, Master.) Not like he can take the whole big box and everybody can have three vegan camembert, four blue cheeses. (Yes, Master.) Can’t even buy that much. Cannot buy. From England they sent only a few. (Yes.) And from America they sent only six. We ordered 12 but they cannot buy 12, so they got only six, and the other one – just any other things. (Yes, Master.) First, I heard only 12. I said “My God, only 12? So who can eat them, and who cannot then?” And then later, when they received them, they told me “Only six, Master. The rest are different things.” Oh, my God. I said, “Then what’s the use of all this? Who was going to eat this – only six pieces.” And I have an army at home.

You don’t have to like it. I know what you mean. (Yes.) It’s good. Just at least you eat some, so you know that you are not left out. (Yes.) That’s all. And if you don’t like it, then of course don’t eat anymore because it’s a waste. It’s too precious. (Understand.) I know what it’s like.

Each food is delicious to somebody, but it’s not always delicious to everybody. (Yes.) Like, when I lectured in Korea, and I was in Korea for some time, they designated one Korean girl to take care of me, and some Korean people to cook for me. Do you know what I got every day? Without fail. Ginseng. Morning with ginseng, and something else, of course. Mostly ginseng. And noon – ginseng. Dinner – ginseng. Apart from that, in between a also snack – ginseng. Ginseng vegan jelly or ginseng candies, ginseng vegan cake, whatever. Oh, my God.

Ginseng is precious. (Yes.) But I can’t eat it too much. They tried to offer me the most precious thing from their native produce, and ginseng is what makes the Koreans very strong. I told you already, one time at one lecture, some old woman even held my hand, and the huffa (guard) had to lift her fingers off of my hand, one by one. I couldn’t shake it off and she didn’t let go. Too much love. Ginseng energy love. So strong that the huffa (guard) had to help me to remove her fingers one by one from my hand. Some of you were with me during Korean tours and you would have seen that. You know, the fingers wrapping.

So, ginseng, even if it’s precious, if you don’t like it, I understand, and you don’t have to eat it. (Yes, Master.) So next time if there’s something new and you smell it... These cheeses smell very strong. You can’t escape it. So, you take out a little bit and taste first. And if you don’t like it, then you don’t eat it. (Yes, Master.) Leave it to addicts. (Yes.) They will appreciate it and they’ll love you more. “You don’t like it, brother? Oh, thank you.” Because they cannot stop. They will demolish it in no time. (Yes.) It’s not a lot anyway. Poor things. I’m so sorry for you.

And talking about that, I really appreciate all of you, the so-called Westerners, who forsook everything to come to work for Supreme Master Television. And now is pandemic time, you cannot even go out or eat something more, anything else. And could not even import the cheese for you or anything. And you still continue working. And that’s what I like also – unconditional love. (Thank You, Master.) And I don’t thank you a lot, and praise a lot anymore like the early days, like, good heart, beautiful clothes, beautiful decoration and all that stuff. Nowadays, I just make three V. Tick, tick, tick. (Yes.) Because sometimes I write a wrong word and I have to correct again. It’s a lot of work. And every second is precious to me. (Yes, Master.) So even if I don’t tick the signal “Thank you,” you should just be happy. (We understand. Yes, Master.) God will reward you. (Yes.) No need anybody to even criticize you or thank you for anything. (Yes, Master.)

Life is miserable already and the world is full of bad news already like I read you yesterday. (Yes.) And that’s not all the bad news. I told you. Many small individual news I don’t pay attention to. I cannot. I don’t have a lot of time. (Yes.) Like, why this man killed his wife or how he did it, or why this child has been doing this, and why this person shoots the school, and all that stuff. I don’t have time to go into all the news. I look for the news I want only. (Yes, Master.) So, there are more bad news than what I read to you. Every day, there’s not one day up to now that I notice it – not one day without any shooting deaths, somebody, somewhere by gun. And not to talk about by knife yet.

Oh, it’s a terrible world that we live in. (Yes. Master.) Like, husband kills wife, boyfriend kills girlfriend, girlfriend kills boyfriend, even kills their children. All kinds of terrible things, like hell! (Yes. Master.) Oh, my God. How do people live like… So scary! (Yes.) If you live in the neighborhood and such things happen, how would you sleep well? (Right.) You would never expect such things to happen, that are so horrible! Within the family. Or people even kill dog-people and all that. All kinds of things happen to dog-, or to cat-people, or to their pet-people even. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God.

If I read bad news to you, all the news that I could collect in one day, it will be four or five times more than what I have read to you. (Yes, understand, Master.) I can’t afford to read even. I don’t want to, also. It’s too much. Even the headlines are too much already, but we don’t look for these news, because we cannot just air everything. (Yes, Master.) These news people can find themselves, or whoever concerned. I cannot. Every time I send you, it’s hundreds of news, right? (Yes, Master. Right.) So, if I include all these individual news in a small state or different corner of the world, then can you tell me how many? It must be thousands. (Yes, Master.) Or sometimes it’s also a thousand. Maybe one or two times, it got to a thousand, or up to a thousand news. But often it’s just hundreds. Hundreds, more or less. And then I send again another batch, another hundred or another few hundred. So that’s why I have to ask them to delete them. Delete them after sending. That’s why I cannot retrieve them. (Yes, Master.)

You just research what I send to you, that’s enough. No need to research elsewhere. (Yes.) And if you can research something even better, then it’s good. (Yes, Master.) I’m also happy that many of your brothers and sisters, or some of you did some more research and found more news than what I have sent, all supportive together, one with my news. Not opposite. (Yes, Master.) And I’m very happy. So that’s why sometimes, most of the time, I say, “Thanking you, team. Good team. Good job.” I say that. (Yes, Master.) I hope they send it to you to have a look also, of what I said. On the Fly-in News script, I say, “Thanking you, good teams. Good job. God love.” I don’t know who receives that. They didn’t send to all of the team? To you guys? Because all of you guys have worked for the Fly-in News. No? Maybe only one person receives it. (No, most of the people receive it, Master.)

On the last one, I said that also. You receive also, like, “Thank you. God love,” and all that? You did? (Yes. We did.) OK. Good, good. At least for those who transcribe, who had anything to do with the Fly-In News. You know all, right? (Yes.) Tell me. Girls, did you receive any of that? (Yes, Master.) OK, good.

(Whoever was involved, mostly like video editors, and script editors would receive that notice.) That’s good. I want you to receive it. I want you to know my heartfelt thanks. It’s good. Maybe you don’t need it, but I want you to know. It’s my part that I want you to know. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) But mostly I’m too busy nowadays, so I just tick it. But for the Fly-In News, I know you guys work extra hard. More sacrifice, more time and less sleep and maybe less food. Pushing and feeling pressure. So that’s why I write it. And I really sincerely, write it to thank you. (Yes, Master.) Because I really know that you work very hard, because I know I work hard also every time. But I don’t think about myself that much.

Every time, the Fly-in News, I have to check it and I have to work many hours before I can “OK” it to you. (Understand.) Because mostly in Fly-in News, we talk about very important topics. (Yes, Master.) It cannot be just casually say it’s like some simple show. (Yes, Master.) And because I work that hard, I know you also work very hard, otherwise it cannot be that fast, and cannot be that good looking. So many news, so many extra information that you have collected to put on the Fly-In News as well, which I did not have, I did not have those news. You have. I have some and you have some. That’s very good. And that’s why I thank all of you. I truly, truly mean that. Otherwise, I’d just give you three Vs and that should be OK, right?

But I want you to know that I really appreciate it. (Thank You, Master.) If any of you are involved, but did not get this thank you love letter, then I thank you now. And you would know in the future I will always thank you. (Thank You, Master.) And I also love you.

Any questions, any good news, anything you want to tell me? I guess not. Too early, right? She dragged us out of meditation and we had no breakfast and just a surprise. And now can’t even think of anything, right? You don’t even answer me. You were so quiet. I have to ask three times.

We’re done now? (Yes, Master.) You eat well? You are OK? (Yes, Master, we are. Thank You.) Just eat when you’re hungry, then everything tastes good. Mostly. (Yes, Master.) We live to work actually. (Right. Yes.) We don’t live to eat. (That’s right.)

Then I’m going. You go have breakfast and have a good day. (Thank You, Master.) Have a good day doing your job. (Thank You, Master. Have a nice day.) Imagine how many people you save, how many animal-people you save, at least uplift, because of our job, our work on Supreme Master Television. (Yes, Master.) At least their souls are uplifted a little bit more than before. And many animal-people are saved from horrible cruelty. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And maybe war would be minimized or gone. (Yes, Master.) Imagine all that and be happy that you can contribute. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) God love. And I love you, too. (Thank You, Master. God bless Master. We love You, Master.)

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