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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Insights on the War in Ukraine (Ureign): Important Advice and Predictions That Have Come True

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In current times, our world faces unprecedented dangers from both natural and man-made disasters, such as the grave humanitarian crises brought upon through the unprovoked war in Ukraine, threatening the stability of our planet. On today’s program, we will reflect on some of the predictions and insights that Supreme Master Ching Hai has given about the war in Ukraine.

MARCH 18, 2022 “ANNEXATION” “The thing is, if you force a country to be absorbed into your country, people don’t like that, especially when you use a brutal way to do that. Of course, nobody will like you. They will hate you, hate you to the bone. And you cannot govern that country too long. Sooner or later, somebody would revolt against you, or kill you, or assassinate you quietly or something.”

MARCH 6, 2022 “THE WEST” “They could have also put an array of armies, bigger than Putin’s – because there are more countries than Putin’s – also at the border of Ukraine. Just to hiss. Prevention. So that Russia will think twice, if they want to go in to invade Ukraine.”

APRIL 3, 2022 “NEUTRAL” “If you give in to Putin this, he will do more later. Just like they gave in with Crimea and then about Donbas. And now Putin wants the whole Ukraine. Causing so much bloodshed. So, in the long run, he will do it again. Maybe temporarily, it’s good. I’m not sure about that.”

MAY 2, 2022 “ENERGY” “They can put the coal back. Coal industry, put it back, until they find something better. Because that is not the worst source of global warming. It’s the methane. It’s the animal-people industry that gives out the most methane and heats the climate the most. Eighty something percent is from methane, from the animal-people industry. So, coal mine or gas mine and oil and all that, they should continue. And then they will have enough fuel. They don’t have to import from Russia.”

MARCH 6, 2022 “PRINCIPLE” “It is not about the size of any country. It is the principle. The principle of NATO. The principle of the EU. The principle of the free world – that you should protect somebody weak and meek, especially when they have the same principles that you uphold so high. The principle of freedom. The principle of fairness.”

JUNE 3, 2022 “JOINING” “I’m glad the world comes back to show Ukraine unity and support. It would be best if they let them join the EU and NATO immediately. That would be the best unification, up front.”

“I hope people will wake up and remember God, and give thanks every day, and be grateful, be humble, and change their way of life. For example, as much as they treasure their lives, they should treasure other people’s lives by not making war, but making peace. And treasure other beings’ lives who also love life and not suffering and death, like the animal-people. […] And share what they can share with the neighbors in need. Then our world will have no problem.”
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