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Dr. Eszter Gloviczki - Serving Others with a Beautiful Soul, Part 2 of 2

Language:English,Hungarian (magyar)
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In all of the compassionate work that she undertakes, she receives much truly heartwarming assistance from other kind people. In particular, obtaining an ambulance to serve patients in Ukraine has been such a blessing. “He managed to raise €10,000, and with that, he bought the first five-seater civilian car because he had to. But the two little kids didn't survive the trip. Because this was not an ambulance car and there was no equipment in it.” Dr. Gloviczki realized that an ambulance was sorely needed. “And believe it or not, 3 weeks later, the ambulance was out there.” Someone from a private ambulance service that she met generously contributed equipment to the cause, making the vehicle ready for use. “But these are insanely expensive instruments, and an ambulance with this equipment went out.”

Dr. Gloviczki was later able to help obtain a second ambulance. By God’s Grace, the needed items were acquired. “It has a carbon dioxide meter on it, for example. This is such a plus in terms of patient monitoring that it's beyond words. And it also has a defibrillator that can restart the heart also. So that was the other big miracle. To have two of those in one ambulance, I don't think that's ever happened in the world yet.”

Eager to assist as much as possible, Dr. Gloviczki has set her next goal of visiting Ukraine to provide medical assistance. “And I got a team, a nurse and an interpreter, who's willing to come out with me. And these places that we're going out to, no one else is going to go.”

“And I'm very, very sorry that we have a Russian-Ukrainian war, but if I could send a message, I would say, Lord, let's realize that it's really here within us. And even if there is no Russian-Ukrainian war, it's still there within us that something good, something beautiful, is encoded in our souls.”
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