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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai

The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 5 of a Multi-part Series

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A cozy little home, where spring fragrance fills the air. Then comes a hopeful summer, a radiant autumn, and a gladdened winter by the glowing bonfire… All of which have given us a clear concept of the changing nature of life and the diversity in the universe. With a heart at ease, our smiles are forever youthful and innocent.

“My cozy little home perches on the hillside, Soothing breeze and gentle clouds draped amidst the sky. Fragrant flowers and grass so green perfume the air. Pine trees hum enchantingly to the dance of moon goddesses fair.

Butterflies frolic in the scented garden Flowers adorning tender branches, Pink, yellow, crimson, violet, peach. O, so aromatic, all the way to the Heavens!

Radiantly the moon glows on the graceful peak, Borne on the air a song of peace. Golden melody rises with the wind Into the clear sky, so calming.

The forest path, intimate as an embrace Enfolding your dainty steps, lifting dreamy days. In the distance the ocean chimes in poetry, Singing with me on this eve of fantasy.

In spring, wild flowers blanket the mountain, In summer, cicadas croon to a sweet reverie, In autumn, canary-colored leaves dance outside the window, In winter, flames sing cheerfully in the warm fire.

All four seasons, flowers bloom in my heart. Everywhere clouds approach in greeting. Loving friends make the heart grow fonder. Animals and birds mingle like close acquaintances!

Bring out the moon-shaped lute, Sound a delightful musical chord. Spirit soars with the notes of love, Joyful heart follows the music’s rhythm.”

Life has much sorrow in all its reality. One can only dream to soothe a heart that has gone through stormy skies and misty memories. “Last night, I dreamt Of restful sheets and pillows, As fragrant sandalwood wafting through the air. Heartfelt was the time When we were still together, When our love was still forever, When our love was still forever. Last night, I dreamt Of leaving life's dust behind, Light-footed to paradise, Carefree for once. On the fragrant hillside -- Anguish and sorrow no more!

Tonight, I've come home, Mountain rain trickles ceaselessly, Wheels roll over the lonely path. Clouds hang miserably Inviting dreams, Exquisite visions To forget about the illusory human realm. My darling! My beloved! The river flows tirelessly Searching for a cherished harbor of old, Where long days will be delightful, A human's lot content, And all complaints silenced. Last night, I dreamt I was a swan, Soaring above mountains, Drinking in the snow, Bathing in the rainbow. Feeling free again.”

Throughout the ages, feelings of affection and yearning have stirred deep in our hearts, yet finding true love is often a different matter. Our family and friends, much as they are cherished and important, cannot replace the love of our life. “To the Queen of Hearts is the Ace of Sorrow. He’s here today. He's gone tomorrow. Young men are plenty, but sweethearts few. If my love left me, what shall I do? I love my mother. I love my father. I love my brothers. I love my sisters. I love my friends and relatives too. But I forsake them all, because of you. Should there be treasures in yonder mountains, where gold and silvers are there for counting, but I could not count for thought of thee, my heart so full I could not see.”
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