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“Love Is The Only Solution – Korean Edition” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Hundreds of thousands of copies of “Love Is The Only Solution” have been distributed worldwide since it was first published in late 2021. This enlightening book is a must-read in the urgent situation we currently find ourselves. While deadly diseases, unnatural disasters, social crises, and even bloody wars come one after another with no sign of ending, this timely book is composed of heartfelt messages from Supreme Master Ching Hai, who dedicates Her life to a vision of World Vegan, World Peace.

“Love is the greatest thing in life and the greatest thing in the entire Universe. But most people nowadays are lacking that love. Humanity must show more love than before. We must love even our enemies, our neighbors, animals and the environment around us, then we can overcome the crisis and have a peaceful life. Love must be manifested outwardly. Love can’t be talked about, but must be shown through action. That is, to be vegan, do good and protect the environment.” – Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Excerpt from “Love Is The Only Solution”

It is our honor to introduce the Korean head of Ananda Marga, Jiivamukta Dada, who voices his insights after reading the new Korean edition of the book. “In a way, we are suffering from such a huge pandemic that has never been experienced in human history. On the other hand, we’re expecting that this will trigger a great awakening for all of humankind to open a new era of civilization. Rather, they say that after COVID-19, vegans and vegetarians are increasing worldwide. I hope this book will be read by many people and be of great help to humanity in overcoming this environmental problem and the crisis of the pandemic.”

Bo-mi went vegan in February 2022, and she tells us why she thinks we should read this book. “The author very convincingly addressed not just the problems that are happening in society now, such as environmental issues, animal slaughtering, climate crisis, but also the solutions to these problems based on scientific evidence, and it was very convincing.[…]And as the author, Supreme Master Ching Hai, named the title of the book ‘Love Is The Only Solution,’ I hope they read the book, feel it, and love equally, not just their family, lovers, or friends, but animals as well as other beings, and put that love in action. I think the practice of that love is to be vegan.”
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