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Vegan Prune Cake & Vegan Biscotti with Homemade Prune Jam, Part 2 of 2

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“We have some prunes leftover, so I’m going to throw them in the pan to make jam for breakfast. We chop these. It doesn’t have to be very fine. If you want like a smooth jam, then, of course, you chop it very fine, or you put it in a processor to mush it up. Here, we make a homemade, chunky one.

Now I’m going to turn on the cooker. I’ll put a little water in it, one cup of filtered water. Leave it there to boil. We’re going to put a little vegan sugar in it; how sweet depends on you. You can always taste it while it’s cooking. We have about a bowl of prunes; mixed. So I would put four tablespoons of brown sugar. I would put just a little bit of salt in it, as much salt as the tip of the chopstick. The prunes, I cubed them already, so I’m going to put them in this water to cook together. Leftover, you know, we can make jam out of it. Put in the pan to cook. I skirt it to boil up, and we’ll have jam.”

“Our pot is boiling, so we have to lower the heat, so that it doesn’t boil over. That’s when it’s done. Not long, maybe another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we put some flour in the cup. Maybe I use like two tablespoons of flour in one cup. There. And then some filtered water in the cup, mix it up. Mix the water so that it becomes liquid. Put a little more water then, until it’s liquidized, like a sauce ─ soup substance. All soft already. We can let it be softened a little bit more until it melts in your mouth on your tongue. That would be fine for a smooth jam, prune jam. That’s enough, now I’m going to fold this flour in it to make the substance a little bit more consistent, so you can spread it on the bread, otherwise it would become a soup. It will look a little transparent, not white. All the flour has to be cooked together with the prunes, and it will look transparent. Now we turn the heat off, that’s it. And still stirring for a while, just to make sure.

Now it’s done. It will look like this. Now we’re going to put it in a jar or just in a bowl and tomorrow everybody can eat it together in the morning. Wow! Much better than the prune jam we buy from the market. It still has a little sour taste, a natural taste, very fresh. Refreshing. Interesting. You can try that. You can spread this on vegan butter toast or biscotti. It’ll taste wonderful.”
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