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In today’s news, India assists Afghanistan through delivery of vital medical supplies, avian flu decimates seabird-people population in Canada’s easternmost province, Nile River may have once flowed close to Egypt’s Giza pyramids and facilitated their creation, Ukraine receives support from United Kingdom to clear underwater mines, former child soldier in Liberia founds charity to support youth who previously fought in conflicts, vegan food startup introduces frozen plant-based pizzas at popular retail chain in United States and Copenhagen Fashion Week prohibits fur from runway.

India provides much-needed medical supplies to Afghanistan.

In response to the urgent calls by the United Nations to assist the Afghan people, India has provided 32 tons of medical items to Afghanistan in 10 batches. The latest delivery includes essential lifesaving medicines such as anti-tuberculosis medication. The supplies were given to the World Health Organization and the Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. India is a recipient of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Environmental Protection and Good Governance; as well as a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Justice, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance and Protection. Our gratitude, India, for extending your helping hand to the Afghan people. May the situation in Afghanistan quickly improve, in Divine benevolence.

Seabird-people tragically dying from avian flu in Canadian province.

Thousands of gannet-, puffin-, and murre-folk have been succumbing to avian influenza this summer in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province. Professor Ian Jones from the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Department of Biology studies the seabird-persons and suggests there are actions the provincial government can take to help, including putting a stop to the hunting of murre-persons so they can breed in safety. He also recommended officials should cover landfills to prevent bird-individuals from feeding at these places and spreading the illness. Chicken- and other animal-people industrial raising operations are breeding sites for bird flu, which, with a fatality rate of 30 to 60% percent in humans, is very much a global concern. Thank you, Professor Ian Jones, for monitoring this tragic situation. May all of humanity now adopt a vegan diet, so beings have a chance to live in the mercy of the Providence. Vegan: angels in human form.

Up next, Nile River may have once flowed close to Egypt’s Giza pyramids and facilitated their creation. We pause to say thanks to the hotel valets who help with the parking of cars upon arrival at a hotel and retrieving them after checkout. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more engaging news.

Hey, amazing viewers, it’s Camelot, a vegan gardener from the Camel kingdom! One hump or two humps you ask? Dromedary camel-people like my friend here have one hump, and Bactrian camel-people like me have two – now you know. Today, I would like to share a food safety tip with you. Never consume a green potato, even if it’s cooked. The development of the green pigment is from a chemical called solanine, which the potato releases when exposed to light. This protects it from predators and disease. Solanine is toxic for humans to consume. If the potato only contains a small area that is green, such as the top of the skin, you can cut that part out and safely eat the rest. If you don’t want to waste a green potato, you could try planting it in a pot or in the ground. If able, new potatoes will eventually sprout. To prevent the development of green pigmentation, store your potatoes in a cool, dry and dark spot - sunlight is what activates the sprouting process. It’s best to eat your potatoes before this happens. They are such a healthy food and can be enjoyed in many different ways. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Nile River may have once been near Egyptian pyramids and facilitated their construction.

Scientists from France, China and Egypt recently found evidence that a branch of the Nile River in Egypt once flowed close to the city of Giza, at the time when the three main pyramids were being built there around 4,000 years ago. The Khufu branch of the Nile may have enabled the builders of the pyramids to transport the stones necessary for their construction to within just seven kilometers of Giza. Their discovery was made after analyzing fossilized pollen grains from the region. The pollen is from grasses that grow on the banks of the Nile today. Such fascinating news, international researchers, on the possibility that the pyramids were constructed using the help of the majestic Nile River. In Allah’s loving Guidance, may we move forward into a future where we learn from the wisdom and spiritual teachings of our ancestors for a world of glorious peace and harmony.

Ukraine receives support from United Kingdom to clear territorial waters of mines.

The UK will send six autonomous underwater mine-hunting drones to Ukraine. These devices will assist the Ukrainian Navy in detecting Russian-placed mines located up to 100 meters below the surface along coastal waters. In the coming months, dozens of Ukrainian Navy personnel will receive training in Britain on effectively using the devices from the UK Royal Navy and the US Navy 6th Fleet. This will allow Ukraine to ensure the safety of cargo vessels carrying food exports traveling from Black Sea ports to different parts of the world. The UK is also leading an international initiative to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian volunteer recruits in fundamental military skills. The United Kingdom is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership for Caring Award, Shining World Wise Leadership Award, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, Animal Protection and Kindness. A standing salute, United Kingdom, for your vital support to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. In Heaven’s compassion, may the ships be shielded in their journeys to transport essential supplies to different countries in the world.

Former child soldier in Liberia gives back to community.

Morris Matadi was recruited by rebels after his family was killed, and from the age of 11, spent almost a decade fighting in Liberia’s internal conflict until he managed to escape. Morris is now determined to contribute positively to society through his organization, the Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS). The charity furnishes counseling, rehabilitation and employment opportunities to ex-child soldiers. The organization has also started a school that provides free education to 285 children who are sons and daughters of former child soldiers and previous drug users in the city of Buchanan. Bravo, Morris Matadi, for your courage and determination in helping the young and vulnerable youth so that they may have a better future. May IDEFOCS thrive and succeed in achieving its noble goals, in Divine blessings. “No 2 vegan: cos if the whole world goes down 4 ur little bloody piece of meat, it’s worth it 4 u. Isn’t it?”

Coming up, vegan food startup introduces frozen plant-based pizzas at popular retail chain in United States. We will take a moment to appreciate the convenience of sandals as they are easy to put on and offer protection to our feet. More comfortable news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Responsible News for a Long-lived World.

Plant-based food company launches vegan pizzas at famous retail chain in United States.

New York, USA-based vegan startup Blackbird Foods has announced its iconic pizzas will be sold at 300 Target stores starting October 2022. Featuring fresh ingredients and a hand-made New York-style crust, the brand’s Margherita and Supreme Pizzas will be for sale at Target’s retail outlets and its online store. Blackbird’s tasty products are currently available in 2,000 shops across the nation. The CEO of Blackbird Foods, Emanuel Storch said, “Since our launch in 2020, we’ve been working tirelessly to prove that we can make the best frozen pizza that also happens to be plant-based.” Way to go, Blackbird Foods, on your fast-growing plant-based food business. May your delicious vegan pizzas help inspire the robust people of the United States to eat compassionately, in Celestial harmony.

Copenhagen Fashion Week goes 100% fur-free after PETA UK action.

After last year’s protest against fur at the event by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) UK, Copenhagen Fashion Week has banned the use of fur from this year’s edition onwards. More big fashion brands, such as Prada, Gucci, Versace, and top designers like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger, have stopped using the material. London Fashion Week was the first to ban fur in 2018, followed by Finland Fashion Week 2019, which went even further by prohibiting all animal-people products, including leather, on catwalks. In the same year, fur was banned by Amsterdam Fashion Week. Our applause, PETA UK and all the organizers of Copenhagen Fashion Week, for supporting kind and gentle clothing. In God’s uplifting Radiance, may we all soon enjoy a 100% animal-people cruelty-free lifestyle in a fashionable world.

It’s now time to fill the air with some humor with the joke of the day entitled, “Painting Dog-people.”

On an online forum for beginning artists, one aspiring artist asked:

“Does anyone have any tips for painting dog-people?”

Someone responded by writing:

“Wait until they’re asleep...”


And now we have a heartline from Hương Mai in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai! I would like to thank You for giving me initiation. Now, I understand that this is the most precious gift in the whole Universe, and it is incomparable. I also understand Master’s Love for all beings is boundless.

You did not mind the dangers and extreme hardships, coming down from the highest Heaven to this filthy world in order to teach the people life after life. Regardless of the harsh natural disasters or wars, and although some people listen, some don’t, You are still loving and willing to stay among the sentient beings to patiently teach them step by step, so that they can be awakened, avoid bad deeds and change to the good way.

You use all kinds of possible means to teach people via books, videos, paintings, poems, lamps, music, clothes, jewelry, a television channel… to save them. Your heart is always for the people, the lost and fallen ones, too. Your Love is so great and incomparable.

I am so fortunate and grateful to You for accepting me as Your disciple. I will try my best to practice the Quan Yin Method well, so that You wouldn’t feel it was wasteful to give initiation to me. I wish Master to always be healthy, peaceful and happy, and that all Your work and wishes come true in the very near future. May all the Godses and the most powerful Heavens always protect Master and Her work. Sincerely, Disciple Hương Mai from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

P.S. I would like to share an excerpt from a poem of Venerable Ngô Minh Chiêu, who was the founder of the Cao Đài religion, to encourage people to practice spiritually. This poem I have used to encourage myself in my spiritual practice. (One of the senior disciples of the Cao Đài religion once told me that Venerable Ngô practiced the Quan Yin Method when he was alive, and he taught this Method to the ones who had an affinity with him.) “Finding the Tao is like eating nutritious food Once you found it, don’t let it go Treasure it like you treasure gold.”

Caring Hương Mai, We thank you for sending your heartline and poem on the value of initiation. We hope it will touch our viewers and encourage them to consider initiation.

Master has uplifting words for your faithful soul: “Astute Hương Mai, it is good that you realize this truth, as life after life, it is beyond extremely difficult for one to encounter a living enlightened Master and receive initiation. It is even more difficult to appreciate the actual value of initiation. People are blinded in this physical world and often fail to realize the immeasurable worth of what they have received. I have told you before that Earth is the best place to practice because in Higher Heavens, you do not have the constraints of suffering and lack of time to motivate you. So please be good and practice well with all my Love! May you and the pious Aulacese (Vietnamese) people always know and be grateful for the Divine’s favor.”

“Every person who partakes of this unclean food has his share in the indescribable guilt and suffering by which it has been obtained. It is universally recognized in law that […] whatsoever a man does through another, he does himself.” ~ Charles W. Leadbeater (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be nobility and compassion.

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