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The Story of Good Love (vegan): Master’s Heroic Protector and Loyal Friend, Part 1 of 5

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It was the Christmas season in 2013. Master was in Spain at the time, taking care of so many things, as always. The thought of adopting another dog-person was least on Her mind! But according to the Divine Plan, a special being was destined to be welcomed into Master’s life; someone Heaven-sent with a single-minded purpose. This is his story.

“He’s beautiful. You just call him Love if you want. He’s just a loving creature. He’s very, very cool. He’s Brahma’s assistant. Oh, he is powerful. He has no fear of any karma (retribution). And then Brahma also wanted to send him down to help me. In one of the lifetimes, he used to be my pet white goose-person. So this lifetime, he’s also white. And he’s so pure, so pure. He’s so powerful.

Either you adopted him when he was young, or you adopted him when he was already old. If you are kind to him, even if you are from hell, when you die, you go to hell, he can fish you up to the Third Level. He’s that powerful. And he sacrificed to come down; he thinks he can protect me. He does, he does a good job, good job. Wonderful job.”

CHAPTER ONE: JOURNEY TO ADOPTION “When I first came into that center of adoption, they had 250 dog-people in there. And I often go there to give donations, money or vegan food, veggie bones for them, and the buckets for water. Anything they ask, I buy.” “249.9 dog-people are barking, running, excited.” “He doesn’t move, he doesn’t bark, he doesn’t blink. He just moves his head where I’m going, that’s it.”

After that day, Master couldn’t forget about the quiet dog-person whose steady gaze would not leave Her. She soon returned to the shelter. “Everybody, all the workers told me all bad things. And I was kind of scared.”

Then came a message from Heaven. “Then Heaven knew about it and told me I can adopt him. He came down for me, etc. So I looked into it a little more.” I said, ‘This dog-person was willing to go through the gate of life and death to come here for me, enduring suffering and abuses from humans like that. How can I bear it any longer? No matter what, I’ll definitely… He came just for me. So I must go and adopt him.’”

“And later I came back, I gave €10,000, on his behalf. I did not write my name; I wrote his name. I said, ‘From this name, to his friends in the center, to all his friends.’ More, more than €10,000. More. Because he wanted me to give money.”

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