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“Vanille”: An Ode to Guadeloupe, Nature, & Our Childhood Spirit by Guillaume Lorin (vegan), Part 2 of 2

Language:English,French (Français)
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Today, we have the privilege of inviting Guillaume Lorin to continue his introduction of his film. The music in “Vanille” features the voices of Guadeloupe, which are truly beautiful and a highlight of the film.

In the film, Vanille also goes on a quest for a magic titan arum flower. We asked Mr. Lorin where this idea come from. “I like it because the plant is very beautiful, and what it says is that all creatures have a role, have a meaning.” “I liked very much the fact that this flower gives credit to the flies and the insects that crawl around because we often want to destroy them, but they also have a role, and I wanted to tell that.”

Mr. Lorin speaks about a socio-political message in the film. “And the West Indians are French, too! We are part of France and it is important to take into account our distress. There are communes in Guadeloupe that have not had water for three years. Three years without water! It’s huge! At one point, I hoped that by making this film, the public in France would understand and love the people of the island, and get to know them, so that they would worry about them too.”

Mr. Lorin tells us where he got his energy and inspiration to create “Vanille.” “Vanille” was broadcast in France on France TV and Canal +, as well as in other countries. The film has received 22 awards to date, including the “Cristal for a TV Production” at the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival, and the “Grand Prize for Best Animated Short” in New York International Children’s Film Festival.

To close the interview, Guillaume Lorin has a message for Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “And later I could understand more and more that She was present, and that She was opening the way. This is something that made me very humble. I don’t feel like it was really me who made my film, and it’s a very nice feeling because you never feel lonely. And above all, even more since I’ve been initiated, I feel the difference. So, thank You, Master! And let’s continue to meditate – the world needs it!”
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