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Dust and Sandstorms: Signs from Nature to End Animal-People Exploitation, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s show we’ll present a series of apocalyptic-type extreme weather occurrences that have become more frequent around the world. Due to ongoing desertification around the world, landscape erosion has led to increased soil and sand mobility, resulting in increased occurrences of dust storms and sandstorms. These occurrences are exacerbated by global greenhouse gases caused by methane emissions from the animal-people livestock industry.

In 2020, powerful winds that swept up dust and sand from Africa raced more than 70 kilometers per hour across the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the largest dust storm on record. The movement of Godzilla was observed by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It was recorded to be nearly as big as the continental United States. Regarding the storm, Dr. Hongbin Yu said, “It [the Godzilla plume] weighed nearly 24 million tons -- enough to fill thousands of Olympic-size swimming pools.”

Dr. Michael Mann, who has investigated Arctic weather changes, considers Arctic warming and declining sea ice to be the root cause of Godzilla's far-reaching effects. He says, “Arguably, there is at least an indirect connection between climate change and this notable dust storm.” “A large cloud of Sahara dust is blanketing parts of the Caribbean, with the unusual weather even not seen for 50 years. Dubbed the ‘Godzilla dust cloud,’ it has covered parts of the region, including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Barbados.”

In mid-March 2021 another massive sandstorm along with high levels of hazardous air pollution turned the skies of Beijing, the capital of China, a scary orange color. The terrifying swaths of thick orange clouds that engulfed the city caused chaos in many citizens’ lives. NASA scientist Dr. Hiren Jethva says, “It’s uncommon for dust storms to grow so large so fast.”

We now conclude our show with some words of advice from Supreme Master Ching Hai on the best approach to halting climate change. “The livestock raising must stop.”
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