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The Story of Good Love (vegan): Master’s Heroic Protector and Loyal Friend, Part 2 of 5

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CHAPTER TWO: A NEW LIFE, A NEW DUTY “His old name was different. He was called Ice. That was why when he first came to me, he was cold and feelingless. He didn't want to have any relations with people. I changed his name to Love, and now he's really loving. He's very different now; he's now very gentle. I found out that Love also has a Heavenly name. But the English name I gave him, ‘Love,’ actually turned out to be equivalent to his Heavenly name, ‘Loru.’”

“He’s the most perfect dog-person you can ever have. He’s quiet all day long. He only barks when he needs to. He listens to whatever I say without complaining.” “He doesn’t want to go inside the house because, he said to me, if he goes inside the house, it’s so warm and cozy, he will sleep through and then he cannot guard me. He cannot wake up on time to prevent the negative influence from outside from coming in.” “So I had to build a house for him outside, and really, I made the door strategic-wise so that the wind and the draft will not come directly to him.” “And for example, if some attendants are bad, he makes sure they go. He makes something happen so that they have to go.”

Master once told us that “Good Love was one of the Knights of the Round Table (when Master was King Arthur), coming back in this form to protect” Her. Master also mentioned that Good Love is very special and very powerful. He can eliminate many demons. “He has his own secret weapons. He has his own power. He has his own positive energy that he brought down with him, and sometimes he signals to the angels or to whatever Heaven beings around that there’s something there. Or whenever I’m going out, before I go into my car, he is already talking in his special language, sometimes audible, sometimes not. But I can hear it that he’s saying, ‘Please be alert! Master is going out. Please watch Her road, watch Her path, please clear the road!’”

“He just protects anything that goes near me. That’s what it is. Anything for him is bad karma. Except the helper, the assistant helping him, then he understands. He comes and shakes hands all the time.” “One of the tall guys, also your fellow practitioner, when he got close to my cave... he pounced on him and stood on top of him.” “To be honest, in the past I didn’t like that guy very much either. Maybe he smelled something and knew. They are not the dogs as we see. They just wear a different outfit, so we tend to look down upon them as animals. In fact, animal-people are very, very smart, very agile, and very highly spiritual inside.”

“He is not just a dog. If you are with him, you will feel it. He’s a presence. He’s a presence to be awed and to be respected.”

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