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My Vegan Journey: Veganism is Spiritual Practice with Lisa Levinson (vegan)

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Ms. Levinson is the Operations Manager and Sustainable Activism Campaign Director at the non-profit In Defence of Animals, and Exhibit Director & Designer at The National Museum of Animal 7 Society in Los Angeles, California, USA. Not only is Ms. Levinson a staunch animal-people activist, but she is also a deeply spiritual vegan.

Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that following a vegan lifestyle is a self-purification process for spiritual advancement, and that the cleansing power of the compassionate diet can be enhanced further through spiritual practice. The two together can significantly elevate one’s consciousness and enhance one’s ability to receive the Divine Blessing. “If we are more clean – and no animal-people energy, we're more clean – and we breathe, meditate, then your level of consciousness is higher, and then you get higher blessing, so when we are vegan, we practice purification, breathing, then we elevate ourselves, at least to angels’ level, and then when we pray, it happens.”

While walking on a more consciously aware path, Ms. Levinson met other vegans in Philadelphia and later founded Vegan Spirituality, a group that further explores veganism as a spiritual practice. Driven by her spiritual longing for the Truth, Ms. Levinson, although from a Jewish background, explored the teachings of many religious groups and finally found that veganism fulfilled all aspects of her core spiritual values, which she found to be embodied in all the world’s religions. “To me, all of the religions in the world, one of the things that really brings us together, that unifies us, is this idea of compassion.”

Always looking for ways to create more awareness of veganism in religion, Ms. Levinson co-founded the Interfaith Vegan Coalition within the IDA organization with fellow activist Judy Carman. “Our goal, as part of the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, is to encourage other people of faith to widen their circle of compassion to include non-human animals.”
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