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The Intriguing Heritage of Britain’s Neolithic Megaliths: Stonehenge, Avebury, and Associated Sites, Part 1 of 2

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The property was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. The listing honors the importance of Stonehenge as “the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world,” stating that Avebury’s “prehistoric stone circle is the largest in the world.” Associated sites located within the World Heritage Stonehenge listing include “The Avenue,” a three-kilometer pathway that approaches Stonehenge from the Avon River; “Durrington Walls,” the second-largest Late Neolithic palisaded, or defensive enclosure, in Britain; “Silbury Hill,” a manmade mound of over half a million tonnes of chalk; and “Woodhenge,” an incredible pattern-like arrangement of wooden post holes.

Britain’s ancient Neolithic past is still widely debated. A variety of scientific theories include their possible use in astronomical observations, while the written histories and mythologies tie the mysterious structures to the deeds of the ancient kings of Britain. In modern times, the ancient megalith has become a site of homage to a wide collection of devout pilgrims, revelers, and the curious in a gathering held there once a year.

Scientists have not been able to determine how the Preseli Bluestones as well as the much heavier Sarsen stones were moved over such substantial distances, well before the invention of the wheel. During a conference in April 2011, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed some amazing secrets of Stonehenge and ley lines. “They were symbols of the ancient masters and kings of that time, and that’s their power to do that. They use their power to place these stones there. Yes, before, they didn’t need machines, baby. They just need energy from their hand even, they can move mountains.”

“(It is said that when these monoliths’ points are connected together across the Earth, they often formed straight lines crisscrossing the planet. Master, can you please tell us the significance of these lines? Are they related to the Spiritual Blessing Lines, Master?) No, no, they are not related to Spiritual Blessing Line, SBL, but this is also a form of power to stabilize the Earth, so that it doesn’t fly to the moon. That’s it, okay? But SBLs offer more in terms of spiritual blessing. And these dream lines that you have mentioned, they were used, they were fashioned, they were made, by ancient masters and kings to stabilize the planet.”
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