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Cosmic Pop Rock with Alex Arndt (vegan) and The Sonic Universe, Part 1 of 2

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The Los Angeles based pop rock artist Alex Arndt is the front man of the band The Sonic Universe, previously known as Sonic Paradigm. Alex and his band are no strangers to Supreme Master Television. Back in 2009, when Alex first appeared on our TV Channel, he impressed the audience with his original and energetic compositions that conveyed positive messages on compassion, veganism, and other important issues.

At that time, Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly sent Alex a personal note: “Elevated Alex and Co., I am one of your fans and appreciate also your uplifting talent. Please continue to write and sing in the light of love. Be blessed, CH”

Alex continues by sharing his views on the darkness humanity is facing, and how we can overcome it. “And so, I try to with some of these songs like ‘Shatter,’ I try to make people understand that the most important thing is for us to learn how to get past the differences that we have and learn how to just come into love and unity. Because if we unify as humans, we can defeat the darkness.”

“A world is shattered and the pieces were faded. Divided, polarized, lost and separated Sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly, it’s foggy. There is radiation in our bodies. Will we get back to the place we remember? Can the people from all sides come together and shatter the walls that keep us from connecting? Break the illusion No more confusion. Shatter the fear that holds us back from loving. Once we believe it, we can receive it. They’ve even split up friends and family, sweet Jesus Ideologies that draw the lines between us. Wake up, they are trying to control us, it’s evil. But we can overcome by unifying people. We gotta find a way to love one another Set our differences aside and rediscover how to shatter the walls that keep us from connecting. Break the illusion No more confusion.”

Commenting further, Alex reflects on the direction humanity has taken in recent years. “I feel like the pandemic is a big wake-up call in many different ways to humanity. I think all of these things are probably things that are sort of written in the stars. And we just need to learn, learn from our mistakes and make sure that we express love more than ever right now.”
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