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Plant Based News - Spreading the Truth of Veganism with Klaus Mitchell (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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With PBN reaching over 70 million people monthly, it is playing a vital role in the exciting transition to a vegan world. Let’s hear how Klaus envisions this revolutionary shift occurring. “And this is going to be the game changer when corporations that work with governments to encourage consumers, whether they like it or not, to adopt an animal-free diet.”

Let’s hear from Klaus how PBN is reaching people around much of the globe and how it can continue to grow and reach even greater numbers of people in more nations. Let’s find out how Klaus sees the roles of other influential groups in the vegan movement.

“Since 2015, when I launched the online platform Plant Based News, there have been a whole array of doctors around the world, not just in North America, that have been talking about the benefits of a plant-based diet, telling people that a plant-based diet gives you all of the nutrients you need without any of the baggage, without any of the cholesterol, the trans-fats, and this is really empowering, that more and more people including doctors around the world are talking about these important issues.”

“I think there are many different ways we can go about trying to create a vegan world. That’s individuals becoming aware of the important issues, and then aligning that awareness and their inner compassion with their daily actions. But I think there’s a tremendous responsibility from policy makers, governments, and businesses around the world to solve these issues too.”

“When I started Plant Based News, I was really inspired by the power of a plant-based diet to be the solution to so many of the problems around the world: animal rights issues, public health issues such as pandemic risk, antibiotic resistance, sustainability issues; we won’t have a planet to live on if we don’t change the way we produce our food. However, I’ve become more interested now in alternative protein, giving people everything they had before, in terms of taste, texture, and sensory pleasure, but with a mode of production that does not require exploiting animals.”
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