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The Story of Good Love (vegan): Master’s Heroic Protector and Loyal Friend, Part 5 of 5

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It was June of 2021. In defending Master, Good Love had fought countless times with the negative force over the years. Each incident took a further toll on his health. Good Love was also becoming advanced in age and was thus more fragile physically.

“(On June 20, 2021, we reunited again, but it turned out to be a farewell of life and death!)” “(I deeply felt Master’s pain, of a loving mother who could not bear Her beloved son sacrificing for Her and being tortured for taking the karma! She cried out again and again. She would rather suffer Herself than seeing Good Love suffer!)”

Master’s messages to Supreme Master Television team members: “Good Love’s soul has gone to Heaven. We send him Love and as a respect we will observe 5 minutes of silence at 11 a.m. for Good Love’s demise.” “At the moment he’s already at the 11th Heaven, he’ll soon be in New Land.” “PS: The tumor is because Good Love, in protecting Master, took on some karma of the world. Heaven told M that.”

Two days after Good Love departed this Earth and entered New Land – the glorious Heavenly Realm that Master created for the worthiest of souls – Good Love began sending down inner messages, which were received by Ayu, our Association member and venerable Buddhist nun.

First, he lovingly addressed Master: “I love You (Master) as if You were me. Although this life I was a dog, it doesn’t stop my love for You! Master is my eternal Love. We have an affinity of many lifetimes, so I am willing to sacrifice for Master. I just wish Master to be well in every lifetime!

Master, You have taken care of me in several lifetimes, for example, in Your life as Lord Jesus. I had also been guarding by Master’s side. However, I was helpless in this life because the world’s karma was too heavy. I really could not withstand it, so I could only choose to leave first and do my best to shoulder whatever I could bear when I left. Although I gave up my physical body, my soul is with You (Master) all the time!”

“Even if I am in another Realm, I will still protect my Boss in my own way until She succeeds and retires. I can protect my Love at all costs.” “I’m a lot calmer now after some relief, but I haven’t finish speaking yet, so let me tell you.”

“Master and I have been a spiritually practicing couple for seven lives, (e.g., when Master was King Arthur, Lord Jesus... etc.) because we have the same ideal and love.

Venerable Ayu, you and I are also fellow practitioners with a common ideal. Whenever Master came down to Earth, you also came down and followed Her to protect Her. Master’s previous pack of holy dog-people and I were also fellow practitioners, and we protect Master together.

This time, I originally wanted to accompany Master to weather the storms together, but in order to protect Master, I had to go back first! I am glad that I can now be in another Realm with more power to protect Master at any time.

At the same time, I would like to call on the Quan Yin family to continue to pray hard so that Love will continue to extend to every corner of the world.

“And he’s still my Protector now, invisibly. He came back. Invisibly protecting me, telling me this and that. I told you this was an unending love.” “But he’s very tall, over two-three meters tall. You won’t see him. You have to look up the way I look up to the trees to take photos. He’s beautiful. Beautiful being. (Oh, wonderful.) What a wonderful being!”

From the New Spiritual Realm, Good Love also transmitted two Heavenly Sound streams, in heartfelt tribute to his Master of many lifetimes. These were expressed in a Celestial language, with melodies that the Venerable Ayu said were “very soft, calm, and full of love.” After receiving them, she sang what she heard as a recording, to remember and share Good Love’s odes to Master.

“Meeting in this life was not accidental, I feel Your compassionate Love deeply. I am willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of my Beloved. Protecting You at all costs, I am also willing to lay down my life for You. Even now in the high-level spiritual Heaven, I’m still looking after You, My Love”

“Divine Mother of the Universe, Eternal Love, Your Song comforts my heart and the hearts of all beings. Your true Love warms my heart and the hearts of countless sentient beings, Your Compassion and Forgiveness save countless lost lambs. May Your Power of Love and Peace be infinite, Extending to the whole Universe.”

We are grateful to Master for kindly revealing so much wondrous information about such a special Being, allowing us to learn from his great and beautiful qualities, but Master also said that there are many other things about Good Love that She cannot reveal right now. We pray that Master’s peace and protection be forever assured in the Divine’s infinite Grace.

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