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John Cox: Provider of Wheelchairs for Animal-People

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Today, we will introduce to you a man who spent 27 years as a deputy for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, USA. As he was approaching retirement, John Cox realized he had a special calling – to solve mobility issues for disabled animal-people and their caregivers.

Like human beings, animal-people are sometimes born with malformed body parts. They are also susceptible to injuries, inflammation, and illnesses affecting their ability to move freely and easily. “It helps them become the animal they were meant to be. ”

This kindhearted gentleman started his journey helping special needs animal-people in the spring of 2021. As of the day he spoke on camera for us, his charity had already improved the lives of 82 canine characters, four cat-people, plus a duck-, a goat-, and a goose-person. The goal of Ruck9 is to increase awareness and raise funds for providing more custom-made wheelchairs.

Once Mr. Cox became aware of the need for personalized mobility devices and established his public charity, he partnered with a company called Walkin’ Pets by in New Hampshire, USA. It was founded on a belief in the oneness of all life and the touching outcomes that are possible when one sentient being shows Loving kindness toward another. Its range of goods includes diapers, hip support systems, orthotics, wheelchairs, and more.

Choosing the right mobility equipment can be daunting for a concerned but inexperienced caregiver. When people contact Mr. Cox through his Ruck9 website or Facebook page, he knows what questions to ask so that the wheelie their beloved companion gets is a perfect fit.

“There are animals in our lives. There’s that unconditional love that dogs can bring, that animals bring to you. When something happens to your animal, treat it like you would any other being.”
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