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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 218 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“…For you: Remember the 5 Holy Names and The Gift all day except when Quan Yin (Heavenly inner Sound).

Initiates must keep MORAL standards, adhere to instructions, the vegan diet and 5 moral precepts. = All this is for protection.

…Be vigilant, humble and morally fit, practice meditation well and Remember God always.”

Last week, we delved into the prophecies of the Taoist Priest who will appear during the time of Great Catastrophes on our planet, when numerous diseases and epidemics are rampant across the globe. As prophesied, Supreme Master Ching Hai, the reincarnation of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), has come to our world to save people from these calamities. For those who believe and follow Her teachings, She offers the highest protection and safety. Such teachings, which protect our moral and physical being, include the Five Precepts and the Five Holy Names transmitted during initiation. This week, we will look into further protections Supreme Master Ching Hai provides for Her disciples, and also Her loving advice for non-initiated people whom She loves equally dearly.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also been giving another Holy Mantra to Her disciples since 2005, called “the Gift.” As part of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s increasing spiritual elevation and ascension through the Universe during this period of our Earth, She brought down a precious “Gift” of love for Her disciples. As described in the following excerpt from a discourse by Master, this additional Holy Mantra holds spiritual energy and blessing power from a higher world. Disciples who practice at a certain level and who have been lucky enough to meet Master in person, received this Holy Mantra as a spiritual protection and support for beings throughout the entire universe.

“(Master, I would like to know if this Gift is beyond the Fifth Level? Because up till now,) Beyond the Fifth Level. (nobody was able to get it down, so it must be very high Level.) From the Seventh Level. (Oh, thank You.) It’s in my treasure, and locked. Nobody’s ever been able to open or to even know it’s there. So when you recite the phrase that I taught you, the whole universe benefits! The whole universe! That’s how many millions, countless of galaxies -- not just this small planet. So it’s extremely powerful!

(Just recite it during the meditation only, is that right, Master?) You have to recite it at all times. [except when Quan Yin] The one I teach you, together with the Five [Holy] Names.

“(…During a group meditation at the beginning of June 2021, in Samadhi, God let me see the protection for spiritual practitioners: there are five beautiful protective covers outside the body! All layers are radiating Light!

The first layer is as diaphanous, pure white silk-like clothes worn next to our skin. The second layer is soft, like a piece of latex, worn over the first layer. The third layer is like a golden armor as hard as iron, radiating dazzling Light, protecting our bodies. The first three layers are worn on us like clothes. The fourth layer is a dazzling aura that keeps rotating around our bodies. The fifth layer attaches to the aura of the fourth layer and appears in flickering flames surrounding our bodies. The aura and the flame ring blend into each other. The brightness and color of the aura and the light and energy of the flame differ according to the spiritual level of each person. When one recites the Five Holy Names, the Light of the flame and aura radiates outward, wave after wave.

We are safely protected every day as long as we practice spiritually with focus, firmness, and earnestness!!! Thank You, Master, for Your Blessings and Grace. Thank You, God, for Your Blessings, Love, and protection. Thank you, Angels, for your safeguarding and protection.…)”

In a letter sent to all disciples in 2018, about a year before we began to hear of the COVID pandemic, Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly revealed the protective power of these Two Holy Mantras. At the same time, She reminded disciples to be more diligent in their spiritual practice and to abide by God’s Law, saying that even those who have been initiated can be degraded if they are not spiritually diligent or vigilant enough.

“To All Centers For you: Remember the 5 Holy Names and The Gift all day except when Quan Yin (Heavenly inner Sound).

Initiates must keep MORAL standards, adhere to instructions, the vegan diet and 5 moral precepts. = All this is for protection.

Like a new driver, keep to the instructions and focus on the road, do not drive zig-zag, that will harm yourself and others. Even old seasoned drivers must do the same or face the consequences.

God’s power is not to toy with. It’s a force to be respected and to abide by.

Master will not be responsible if you stray from all the above principles. You might be even possessed by maya to be his tools or be lost from your goal, from the positive circle of Sainthood. Be careful what you do, how you behave, what you speak, what you eat, etc...

You have been taught right from wrong, maya will not be lenient. He’s allowed to check on your noble standard. Be vigilant, humble and morally fit, practice meditation well and Remember God always.

For those who are not initiated, to be saved from rampant diseases such as the COVID-19 pandemic, one must truly repent, sincerely ask for forgiveness and become vegan. Otherwise, they may not be spared, as revealed in a conversation between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the chief of COVID.

“I asked, ‘How about people who turn vegan, will they be spared of COVID suffering also?’ So, CV chief said, ‘For disciples only.’ (Oh. Wow.) I was kind of not pleased, so I told him, in a little higher tone, ‘But many, many are not disciples, and they won’t be disciples. (Yes, Master.) Many are not my disciples, but they are not infected. Why?’ So, CV chief said, ‘Because their time not come yet.’ (Oh.) I said, ‘But I promised if they turn vegan and repentant, I will help them [to] go Heaven. Is that not supposed to happen now?’ So, CV chief said to me, ‘Oh, well, yes, if sincere.’ That’s his words, ‘Yes, if sincere.’ (Wow.)

So, you see, the point is people have to repent, turn vegan, and truly, sincerely, humbly repent – sincerely repent, as urgent as you need air to breathe. (Yes. Yes, Master.) As sincere as that. (Right.) Then they will be allowed to be helped. And I can interfere with Heaven. That’s what it means. (Right.) So, people in the world have to truly repent. They have to sincerely repent like they need air to live. (Yes.) So urgent as if they need air to live, like when you get COVID, and you cannot breathe. (Yes.) Please pray to God. Please ask humbly for forgiveness in true, sincere repentance. And please turn vegan. That’s all.

On February 6, 2020, when the COVID-19 virus had begun to spread across the globe, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke in an urgent message that was broadcast to worldwide viewers. She warned that Heaven, Earth and Nature are angry about the prolonged suffering caused by humans. She went on to urge everyone to turn to the benevolent vegan lifestyle and encouraged all to pray together for World Vegan, World Peace at the same time globally. This message was aired live, which was very unusual, thus emphasizing the urgency of our situation as well as Master’s deep concern.

Hell is inevitable if we do not change our way of life. All this un-benevolent energy from Nature, from Heaven, from Earth, all this angry, anguished energy is all aiming at us. Compared to this energy, the atom bomb is nothing. It’s like a child’s toy. So, if we want to save ourselves and our loved ones, we must turn around. We must rely on our own compassionate nature and the inherent power of the children of God, which we are, to save this world.

However, the prophecy noted that, through ignorance, many would tragically overlook the True Words of the Savior. Thus, they will unwittingly be the cause of their own demise.

“At that time, the epidemic ghosts will be killing people. The world will abound in evils and lack goodness. The people will not recognize the True Words. The Three Caverns revelations will have been spreading for a long time, but the people will still be in the dark and fail to seek out and accept them. They will bring suffering on themselves. What can be done?”

The prophecy goes on to describe the dire consequences to be faced by those who go against the teachings of the True Savior.

“People won’t recognize the True Savior. On the other hand, they ridicule Him. What can we do? Such people will have great sins, suffer in hell of water and fire for 300 billion kalpas, and never get liberated.” “As for those who with forked tongues slander the doctrine of Tao, those who criticize the respected Names of the Masters, those who dispute the scriptures, those who have no faith in the Three Caverns revelations, and those who are unwilling to accept Tao, the great ghost kings will come and annihilate all of them.”

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