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Nori Seaweed Wrap & Boiled Mixed Vegetables, Part 1 of 2

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“We’re going to do some nice wrapping today. For that, we need some nori seaweed wrap, the one that you use for Japanese sushi. We have some vegan cheese slices. You can buy them in a health shop. Smells very nice. And we have some of those vegan mashed ham or solid vegan ham, whatever you like. And we have some tofu, hard tofu. And we have some tomatoes for a nice color, some cauliflower, and a carrot. There you are. And coriander, for taste. Of course, some black pepper, salt, ground pepper – doesn’t have to be black, can also be gray, some cooking oil. I have also found some surprise - broccoli. You don’t have to have all this. Whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, in the kitchen, would be fine.

So the tofu, you slice them into thin pieces. And you slice half of it evenly; you divide it into half. So, it’s just like as small as your little finger. And we will also slice the vegan ham like that into a small finger-size, or if you have the mashed vegan ham, you just make it like finger-sized portions, to wrap this in seaweed and deep-fry them for finger food.

The coriander; we chop them finely. If you have mashed vegan ham still in a mashy state, then you mix the coriander together before wrapping. Now for the tofu, we’re going to sprinkle a little bit of ground pepper on the tofu. Just a pinch of salt. We mix a little bit with salt, pepper, and the tofu. Mix it gently, otherwise it might break off.

Now we wrap the nori sheet. We’ll do it separately. We don’t need all this nori, so we cut it in half. About the size of the palm, a little bit bigger than the palm. And you have to wet the edge of the nori with water so that it sticks together.”

“Water is boiling already, very good. We put the vegetables in the boiling water. Turn the vegetables evenly, so that they all become boiled. When it’s re-boiled, I will turn the heat off and take it out. We transfer the boiled vegetables into the sieve so that it keeps their color. If you keep it in the water too long, it’s different. Normally, this we have to serve right away. So, we leave it aside first, for now. The vegetable, we should boil it almost after we’ve finished everything else, and then it tastes fresher.”

“If your children want to learn to cook, you must supervise nearby all the time because the children are not used to the heat, the cooker, and all that, and you don’t want them to hurt themselves. But on the other hand, you need to teach them to cook so they can survive without you when they grow up.”
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