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The Auroras: A Cosmic Splendor Across The Night Sky, Part 2 of 2

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Through science, we learn that the glorious display of Northern and Southern Lights tells a fantastic story of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth, taking place in the high atmosphere. “Now, take a look at this view from NOAA’s space satellite. The satellite that looks at the sun, that impressive explosion of that hot, energized plasma coming off the lower right lobe of the sun there. Now, the worse storms we would be concerned about interruptions to perhaps satellite service, GPS, TV, even cable TV, cellphone service. But also watching for a brighter side: Those beautiful Auroras get pushed further and further to the south, and that’s what’s in the forecast tonight.”

Earth is not the only planet with Auroras in the Solar System. Auroras also appear on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Scientists believe that as these planets have their own magnetic fields, they have their own Auroras.

However, the spiritual story of the Northern and Southern Lights remains largely untold. On several occasions, our most benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has spoken about the existence of advanced humans who inhabit the undergrounds of planets such as Mars and Earth. On June 26, 2020, while sharing her spiritual diary with staff members of Supreme Master Television at a teleconference, Master illuminated the reason the underground people of the Earth invented the Northern Lights.

“‘Green light, northern light at North Pole is from underground people’s technique to confuse the direction of adventurers. In case any want to go there, they will be lost and could not find the entrance to their abode.’ That’s why they put the lights there, because it’s not just the light, it has energy.

This kind of light is a deterrent to their intruders. I don’t blame them. The way we are on the surface of the Earth, I wouldn’t want anybody to visit me either. Just bring trouble or sickness, sorrow, fighting and war, and stuff. Everybody’s afraid of us. I don’t blame them. They’d rather live underground.”

“They are about 5 million of them scattered all over the Earth, under the ground in different countries. They are very advanced in technology. Therefore, they can live underground without any problem. They are vegetarian, very spiritually oriented, and very gentle people.”
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