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Positive Changes in Countries

Positive Changes in Countries, Part 44 of a Multi-part Series – Supportive Governments, Supportive Citizens: Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands

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Nauru is a tiny island nation situated in the southwest of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the third smallest country in the world after Vatican City and Monaco. In August 2020, the Nauru Sustainable Urban Development Project entered implementation stage. Nauru strives to develop green energy and reduce its reliance on imported diesel. In addition, Nauru has now engaged in hydroponic farming, to grow vegetables in an aqueous system without the need of soil.

Home to over 30 million diverse people, Nepal is landlocked located between India and China. Situated on the southern side of the Himalayas, she has eight of the world's ten highest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest, the world’s highest point. Nepal is also the main water source of the sacred Ganges River. Kathmandu, the capital, is home to numerous stupas and temples from the ancient royal Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. In addition, Lumbini in southern Nepal, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the birthplace of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha (vegan). Veganism is growing in Nepal. Currently, there are over 100 vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Nepal and most of the non-veg restaurants offer vegan options.

The Netherlands is a northwestern European country bounded by Belgium and Germany and borders the North Sea to the west and north. Some of the world's most renowned artists, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh (vegetarian), and Mondrian, stem from The Netherlands. Known for its innovative agricultural technologies, it is the world’s second largest agricultural produce exporter by value after the United States. Hydroponics and vertical farming are another highly efficient soil-free farming technology developed in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the worlds leading countries in animal-people’s rights and wellbeing. Veganism has rapidly grown in the Netherlands. Today, about 9% of its population are vegetarian or vegan, while 40 to 50% are flexitarians who eat plant-based in many occasions. Amsterdam, the capital city, was ranked the world’s 5th best city for vegan in 2020 by Chef’s Pencil.
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