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The End of Medicine with Award-Winning Director Alex Lockwood (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“The End of Medicine” was produced by Keegan Kuhn with the help of Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. They joined forces with Alex Lockwood to send a powerful message of the dire situation at hand concerning animal-people factories and the excessive use of antibiotics throughout the industry. There is an alarming increase in side effects affecting people and our planet, with governments and regulators doing little to protect their citizens. “So, in America, there are now guidelines on antibiotic use within farmed animals, but they're just guidelines. In the UK, we've drastically dropped the amount of antibiotics we're using, but not to a level that's safe. So, you can't farm these animals in a way in which is safe and not use antibiotics.”

Alex Lockwood’s films have covered many aspects of our destructive actions to the planet, as seen in every corner of the globe, from the Amazon rainforests to the Polar ice caps. We are seeing our resources diminishing and pandemics and disasters increasing. One of the most powerful actions Mr. Lockwood points out starts at the dinner table as he highlights the benefits of a vegan diet.“Obviously (that) would drastically reduce the antibiotic usage. Then there's the environmental impact, the fact that it's just kinder and better for animals.”

Making a film about pandemics as one of the side effects of industrial animal-people raising operations became a reality as COVID-19 swept across the planet. “But actually, the risk for other diseases emerging from factory farms, avian influenza, is far higher. So, I think the next film is a film about rewilding and the validity of bringing back apex predators and how animal agriculture has played a huge part in eliminating so much biodiversity from our countrysides. In the UK, we are one of the least biodiverse places on the face of the planet as a result of our farming practices, and we're trying to raise awareness of that, really.”
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