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Between Master and Disciples

God’s Grace and World Prayer for a Total Global Change, Part 3 of 6, Nov. 20, 2022

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Every day, actually, I thank God, of course, God Almighty, and then I thank all involved for my meal. And I thank all the Saints and Sages, the Masters everywhere for Their merit that I inherit a little bit, or that They are generously giving to me so that I can have that meal. And may all of Them have everything they need. May Their disciples be easy to convert, to teach, and to liberate. May all good beings have all they deserve, according to God’s Grace. And may all bad beings turn into good beings.

I said, “Oh, OK. So, do you remember anything good that you did, so that today you even met me and saw me? And even get fed from my hand. I had to chop many loaves of bread for you and feed you. Do you remember how you got to this lucky point?” So, he said to me, “We did give some donation, for your cause.” (Oh.) I said, “Oh, wow. That’s pretty good.” But it’s not the same lifetime. It’s a different lifetime.

After the robbery, the next life, they vowed to do better things. (Understand. Right.) Before they died, they repented. And they vowed never to harm people, to rob things from them, or make them worry or sorrowful by losing property like that.

So, not the next life, but some other lifetime, after that they became workers – they did labor work. (Oh, right, yes.) I said, “Did you donate to me, then? Do you remember?” He said, “Yes, I remember.” He said, “We were working for some netizens.” Wow, he used that word. I never use that word. I mean, maybe once in a while, but I thought, “What did you say? How do you spell that?” And he spelled it for me. (Wow.) I thought maybe I heard it wrong. I thought it’s an organization or something like that.

So, he said to me he worked for some secret… he said, “secret netizens who belonged to Your faith.” I said, “Oh, very nice. How did you do that?” So, he said, “We repaired Your temple. Your house – Your temple. (Wow.) And Your disciples at one time worried too much, because they did not have enough financials to continue to repair, so we donated.” (Oh.)

I said, “Oh, you were rich or something?” So, he said, “No, no. We donated four months of salary. So, that they didn’t have to pay us, and they used that money, and with some other little donation, to repair Your house.” (Wow.) I said, “Is it my house? Private?” He said, “Oh, it’s all Your house anyway, but it’s like a temple.” Meaning, like an ashram. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) I said, “OK. Very good of you. And good for you. (Yes.) So thereby, this time you can have food from my hand. He said, “But we are very grateful to have this luck, this opportunity to see You.”

And after he said all these things… I remember also, of course, before and after. And I felt a little sad. A little bit sad. Because originally, I just fed them with love. With no thinking or anything. (Yes, Master.) After he reminded me and told me all this story, and I remembered, I felt sad. I felt “So, it’s not really my love, is it?” It’s like I owe him something – I owe them something, so I have to feed them. I felt a little, kind of disappointed. I thought it was from my love.

Never mind. Every time I fed them, I said, “Remember God. This is from God. I am just doing God’s Will and God’s Grace. You have to always thank God.” I am not sure if they said thanks. So, I said, “Thank You God for this food that You allow me to give to them. And please bless them so they don’t have to be bird-people again and don’t have to be eating fish that they don’t like.” (Yes.)

I did not know that they don’t like fish. I tell you truly. (Right.) I thought they are born that way, and their food is fish. (Yes.) I’m not condemning them, or anything. (We thought so, too.) So, I asked them afterward, “But if you eat a lot of fish-people like that, wouldn’t it even worsen your karma?” So, he told me, “No, no. Because these fish have lots of karma.” Those were his words. (Oh.)

He talked with an English accent. (Wow.) Telepathically of course. Not like loud or written or anything. (Yes.) But sometimes I have to guess what he wants to say, if I don’t understand, or I don’t know if it’s correct or not. Like netizens, I had to ask him again because I forgot there are such words. I know the word but sometimes I’m not sure if it is written that way or such words exist or not. So, I asked him and he spelled it for me. I used it one time somewhere. (Wow.) I used that word I remember one time or two times – a long time ago, and very rarely. Normally, we would say citizens. (Yes. That’s right.)

And so that was like that, so I felt a little sad. And I felt, my God, that was my disciple who accepted their donation, not that I asked for it. And they wanted to repair it, not that I wanted. And I still have to pay. They still have to come, and I have to feed them. And before, I fed them just with pure love and joy, but after I heard that, I felt like, “Oh man. So, is this what I have to pay? It doesn’t feel so noble anymore. (Oh.) Not as much as before.”

But I still love them very much. I still feel very happy to see them eating. It’s just I am a little bit disappointed that the feeding is not pure, is not just 100% unconditional love. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Now, it’s like entangled with some karma from the past. Even though it wasn’t my karma. (Right.)

So, I was worried, I asked them about the fish and they said no problem because the fish had lots of karma. So they eat the bad ones, it’s OK. So now, what else? I said, OK, so after this life, do you know the future as well, do you know where you’re going? You’re going back to be a seagull- or other animal-person again, or you will go to a lower Heaven or you will go to hell, or what?” So, he said, “No, no. No problem.” I said, “What ‘no problem’? You will go to Heaven then? He said, “Yes. Lots, lots of merit left.” (Oh. Wow.)

And I said, “Yeah, because of your donation. Right? OK. Now you are going through your bad karma period. You’re paying the bad karma of the robbery. But after this, you will go to Heaven. I will try my best to intervene and to help you so that you will get liberation forever, and don’t have to go to a lower Heaven and then reincarnate again.” (Wow.) And I said, “Even if you go to a lower Heaven, due to not enough good merit to go higher, I will try to help you there as well.” So we were both happy. Now, I’m happily paying my debts with a lot of love.

Even the karma of many other lifetimes always comes and clings unto you. You never can escape, even if you’re a Master. (Yes, Master. Wow, yes.) If you never come back to the world again, of course, then it’s all gone, all done. And the debt just stays there, somewhere, like locked in a safe. But if you come back to that area, where those things happened, then you will have to relive some of the karma again. (Yes. Understand, Master.) Luckily it wasn’t me who asked. I don’t know what else I would have to give them. Or, if I have enough merit to even have food to give them. (Understand. Yes, Master.)

Every day, actually, I thank God, of course, God Almighty, and then I thank all involved for my meal. And I thank all the Saints and Sages, the Masters everywhere for Their merit that I inherit a little bit, or that They are generously giving to me so that I can have that meal. And may all of Them have everything they need. May Their disciples be easy to convert, to teach, and to liberate. May all good beings have all they deserve, according to God’s Grace. And may all bad beings turn into good beings. And may this world turn into a vegan and peaceful paradise, and an enlightened world, of course – a liberated world. (Yes, Master.)

So, now, you see that? What’s the point of remembering past lives? Now I answered you already. (Yes, Master.) I shouldn’t have asked him anything, then I’m just happy feeding them, thinking, “Oh, I have so much love for them.” A good person. (Yes.) And after I heard that, I felt, “Wow, man. So, I’m just paying my debt, even though I did not borrow it.”

Some of the residents in my group before, they went to some of the disciple doctors and the doctor did not take their money, did not accept payment. And they did not pay despite the fact that I always told them, wherever they go, they have to pay. Whatever debt they incur, they have to pay. (Yes, Master.) And some of them did not pay because they thought, “Disciples together, and the doctor did not want.” Not that they forced the doctor not to take the money. But it’s not the case, we have money, we should pay. (Yes, Master.)

Because they did not pay, so, some of these debts, I have to bear upon myself. (Oh. Right.) Unknowingly, even. I don’t always check out why I have this problem or that sickness. But sometimes, I check, then I know it comes from where, where, where. Mostly from disciples and then the big chunk is from world karma. Always.

I was born without karma. Even the astrologer knew that. And many of them read my palm when I was younger. (Yes.) Before I was enlightened even, they told me, “Oh, you have no karma. And you have this and that sign of a Bodhisattva.” At that time, I did not understand much. I said, “Oh, thank you.” But I did not understand deeply what it really meant. I understood more later. When you become more enlightened, you understand things better. (Yes, Master.)

Like your story of your mother and father. What’s the fun of remembering that you were eaten by a bird-person last life? And now, she came back again, and also is bossing you around. Your mother told me that. That she is more freaky. And he is very gentle. Always giving in. Always let her be the more prominent, more controlling in the house. (Right. Yes, Master.) Your mother, she told me herself. You can ask her if you don’t believe me. (No, I know that, Master.) Oh, you know that. Of course, then it’s good. Of course, you are the son. How would you not know? And you lived with them for 20-some years, so you should have known.

You should have seen it, right? (Yes.) Your father is very gentle and a very patient and enduring person. (Yes, Master.) And the mother is a little bit opposite. But never mind, she’s a good practitioner nevertheless. She knew also her shortcomings. But we humans have a lot of shortcomings, I have to say. (Yes, Master.) Me too. Like, I don’t like to wash dishes. I have to confess to you that. And then, I even leave it for three days. I soak them and make a quick and lazy way like that. But it’s OK. (Yes. Yes, Master.) It’s clean and I’m still here. (Yes.) Healthy, alright.

Not quite healthy, because often, a lot of karma comes in all the time. And I always have to bear it. But not because of the food, or the way I live my life. It’s the world karma. They always told me that. Heaven told me that. My guardians also told me that. Good Love told me that. Anybody tells me that. “World karma.” I say, “OK, OK. I never should ask you again. I know that mantra already. It’s always the same.” So now you know it is not too good to know too much about past karma. (Yes, Master.)

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