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God’s Grace and World Prayer for a Total Global Change, Part 4 of 6, Nov. 20, 2022

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The world cannot continue to eat the way we do, to supply us the way we eat. (Yes.) We just don’t eat, we waste, we destroy. Truly, truly, we’re very unintelligently managing the resources of the planet. And we have only one planet. And so many, many people already, and we keep killing it and destroying it in different ways. It’s not correct. It’s not right. (Yes.)

So, your mother ate your father, and then now she has to become his wife and take care of him and manage the three beautiful children for him and all that. It’s some kind of repayment. (Yes, Master.) Well, she ate only one worm, my God, that’s a lot already to pay. Imagine, they donated for the temple. It’s not even my private place or anything, and I still keep paying now. In this lifetime. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And some people remember in a past life, they were a tiger and then her husband was the one she ate. (Wow.) And then when she remembers the past life, she still remembers the taste. Yuck. (Oh, gosh.) What’s the good of knowing the past life? (Yes.) Even the Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha Himself, when He remembered many past lives, it wasn’t all that glorious or pleasant. (Yes.) Mostly, a lot of times, it was suffering, or very painful, or even mistaken and all kinds of things. Not all good. (Yes, Master.) But it’s OK. Because of some good things, we always overcome the bad karma and reap the good karma again, and then continue to be better.

So, the period of the bad karma of these seagull-people, they are paying for now. But after this they will pass into the good karma period, and because of that, the Master can take hold of that and save them. They don’t have to return anymore to experience more maybe leftover bad karma or create more bad karma because of survival. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) So, after this, they even know they have lots of merits left, he said. He is happy to tell me that. He knows he’s going to be in a better position. Wow, I’m happy for them.

The animal-people remember everything. And then many of them, I think all of them, know the future as well. (Wow.) Many of my dog-people know. I don’t ask them one by one, but sometimes incidentally, coincidently we talk about something and then they told me about future stuff, but what’s the use?

We just live day by day and do our best every minute that we can and then we create a better future. (Yes, Master.) It’s better that we liberate from this world and the Three Worlds altogether. At least go to the Fourth Level. (Yes, Master.) Because after the Third Level, the Fourth Level is liberation already, forever. (Yes, Master.) Even it’s not the highest possible Heaven but still, you’re liberated. Within the Three Worlds is a recycle kind of system. (Yes.) You will never get out. Even if you are the Brahman, meaning Brahma, the King of all the Three Worlds, you still cannot be liberated. Or the small divine Godses, they will be recycled again, again and again. (Understand, Master.)

In the beginning, I was trying to feed the seagull-people when they came knocking at the door and all that. Because I remember when they came knocking at the door, I thought they were hungry, so I gave food, I did not think too much. And then, after that day, I kept buying a lot of bread and gave them however much I can until the hotel scolded me. And after a while, a few days, I remembered I have to continue to feed them, no matter how difficult and risky.

Because, I remember the story that I told you about one of the fairies in the 33 heavens – she was the wife of the king of one of the 33 heavens. (Yes, Master.) But she had no more good merit left. She had to return to the physical world as a flamingo-person. Remember? (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then she complained that this stinking fish, she’s forced to eat it, because there’s no other choice. (Oh. Oh, right. Yes.)

It’s true also nowadays. Where do you find berries? Everywhere, there is not much jungle, trees, fruit and berries left anymore. All the humans keep destroying everything everywhere, not even just for them to make a safe place to stay or eat. No! Just to feed the animals, to grow food for the animal-people. It wastes a lot of energy and a lot of food just for some kilograms of the dead animal flesh. (Yes, Master.)

It’s a lot. It’s a very, very losing business, losing big-time business. (Yes, that’s true.) It’s not good at all, not good at all. A lot of water, a lot of food, instead of feeding humans and keeping the water clean for humans and everything else we need, just wasted with the animal-people and kill them so quickly – again, again and again. The world cannot continue to supply it. (Yes. True.) We have only one planet and only so many materials contained in it. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about karma or bad consequences, or hellfire, or nothing yet.

The world cannot continue to eat the way we do, to supply us the way we eat. (Yes.) We just don’t eat, we waste, we destroy. Truly, truly, we’re very unintelligently managing the resources of the planet. And we have only one planet. And so many, many people already, and we keep killing it and destroying it in different ways. It’s not correct. It’s not right. (Yes.)

And if people became hungry or starving because of flooding here and drought there… we are the only ones to be blamed. (Yes, Master.) Not God, not Mother Nature, not anything. (Yes, Master.)

I hope I did answer your question, even though it’s a little bit long-winded, but are you happy with it? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) You told me a true story. I also told you a true story. We are even. I don’t owe you anything. Don’t come back as bird-people and make me feed you.

That’s why we always have to do everything with unconditional love. And then, we have to be pure enough to even give that, whatever we want to give unconditionally. Because if we are not pure enough, we also cause trouble for the receiver as well. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else you want to tell me? (Yes. Former President Donald Trump announced that he will run to become US president again in 2024. He announced on the night of November 14 that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination.)

“Media Report from ABC News -Nov. 15, 2022, President Trump: In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. Together we will be taking on the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests imaginable. Our country is in a horrible state. We’re in grave trouble. This is not a task for a politician or a conventional candidate – this is a task for a great movement that embodies the courage, confidence and the spirit of the American people.”

Yeah, I’m sure they will approve. No one else is better than him, I think, in my humble opinion. (Yes.) It’s good.

It’s very good news that the former President Trump, even though so much hardship, so much harassment is heaped on him, he still tries hard to want to work for his country and for the world as a president. Because in that position, you can do a lot more than just being one normal citizen. So, it’s very good news, very good news. (Yes, Master.) I wish he will win. I wish he will become president again. Hoorah! President! Hoorah! (Hoorah! We hope so.)

I really wish he will succeed, because it will bring America into a better position and situation, and the world also, into a better place, into a better position. (Yes, Master.) I approve, anyway. And I hope you do, too. (Yes, we do. Yes.)

And we pray. We quietly pray and support him. Better than making too much fuss. Everyone else, if they approve and they support him, they should do it more openly. We don’t have much facilities or ability to support him the way they should. But Americans, there’re a lot – many tens of millions of people like him. They should be supporting him openly in any way they can. (Yes, Master. We agree.)

We support him quietly within our heart and quietly pray and wish for him to be the president again. (Yes, Master.) It couldn’t be worse. Even if he won’t make it better, he can’t make it worse, than what it is now – for America and for the world as well. (Yes. Right, Master. Yes.) Oh, my God. After he’s not there anymore, you see it. (Yes.) Inflation is sky-high, rocketing prices of everything, and war and famine are everywhere. (Yes, Master.) And more and more disasters, and everything else as well.

I don’t think he can make it worse. And the chance is he will make it better. (Yes.) I told you before that if Biden became president, America will lose the trust of the international community. Remember? (Yes, Master.) And has it come true then? (Yes.) Has it become a true thing? (Yes. It is.) Putin didn’t want to talk to him anymore. President Xi Jinping didn’t want to bother with him. And, Chairman Kim Jong-un is threatening America even everywhere, and Russia even threatened America as well before. (Yes.) Etc., etc.

So, now you know. We wish him the best. Best of luck. (Yes, Master.) We wish America the best of luck to have President Trump as their leader again. That’s all I can say.

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