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Tunisia: Jasmine of the Mediterranean

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Tunisia, Africa’s northernmost nation, is known for its warm, sunny weather, well-preserved ancient sites, rich Arabic architecture, and distinctive culture and arts. The fragrant jasmine is the country’s national flower, symbolizing simplicity, serenity, purity, and happiness.

Historically known as the granary of the Roman Empire, the fertile land in the north produces most of the country’s cereals such as wheat, barley and sorghum, as well as abundant fruits and vegetables. Tunisian olive oil is mostly organic and has won international awards. The national dish of Tunisia is couscous. This healthy grain is rich in selenium and may help lower the risk of cancer and boost the immune system.

Today, Tunisia’s long history can be studied by visiting the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. Tunisia is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reflecting the country's rich history and cultural evolution.

Tunisian embroidery craftspeople are known to be exceptionally creative, using colorful threads and unique techniques to create masterpieces, showcased in exhibition galleries around the world. Traditional Tunisian rugs tell the story and history of the Berber people and are an important cultural heritage of North Africa.

Tunisian Collaborative Painting is a unique art form developed during the middle of the 1980s by Hechmi Ghachem, who aimed to encourage the local artists to express their freedom in the repressed political environment of the time.

Music is essential to the everyday life of Tunisians. Ma’luf, Tunisia’s most popular folk music form, is played by small orchestras composed of violins, drums, sitars, and flutes. Tunisian folk dance is characterized by sharp horizontal twisting movements of the hips with flowing movements of the upper body and arms.

In the current time of global warming, resource scarcity, and environmental crisis, Tunisian people have answered the call and presented great talent in creating new eco-friendly technologies and inventions.

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