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Signs of the Final Days: The Last Chance for Humanity to Change, Part 1 of 2

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Around the world, more and more people are observing that humanity is at a crisis point. Put together, the Covid-19 pandemic, changing weather patterns, floods, droughts, wars, species loss, and crop failures all feel like an ominous warning that even bigger changes are coming to our planet. In this episode, we will look at events around the world that appear to be signs that we are in what is often called the Final Days.

“Planet Earth is four and a half billion years old. The earliest complex life first appeared around 1 billion years ago. In the hundreds of millions of years since then, our planet has faced five major extinction events, from giant impactors to super volcanoes to potential gamma-ray bursts. The causes of each extinction have generally been apocalyptic single events. Now, for the first time in human history, our species is experiencing an ongoing extinction all around us, and the cause isn't a giant meteor or gamma-ray burst. It's us.”

“According to a new study, our world’s wildlife population has declined 69% in just 50 years. From the oceans to the rainforests to the mountains, the Earth’s wildlife population has plummeted everywhere. The steepest decline has been in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a 94% drop in wildlife population size.”

“An ominous message from the year 1616. The inscription reads, ‘When you see this, weep.’ The boulders have reappeared in the river Elbe which flows through the Czech Republic. The Czechs called them the ‘Hunger Stones,’ and the drying river has revealed dozens of them.”

Despite escalating warnings about climate change, species loss, droughts, and the risks they pose to humanity, few people seem willing to do anything about it. But you can. The plant-based diet is the easiest way to reduce the amount of stress you are causing to Mother Earth. So be a hero and go vegan.
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