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Virtuous and Brave Animal-People Heroes

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On August 24, 2007, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) held a conference in Paris, France, with some of Her disciples on the role of animal-people. She compassionately revealed the following: “We need help, not them. We need help to develop compassion and to make use of the help that the animal-people will give us if we love them and contact them. It’s really a pity. They are like the physical angels for humankind. You understand? How some people always pray to the angels for help in some situations? We have angels running all over the planet in the form of all kinds of animal-people. They are the angels in the physical form to help you in different situations.”

I have the privilege of sharing with you the following narratives that illustrate the remarkable courage of many animal-people. Chase Kurucz was leading a safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and had stopped to observe a wildebeest herd. Out of nowhere, a crocodile-person lunged forward and locked his jaws onto the head of one of the antelope-people. Then another baddy grabbed one of the victim’s legs. Without hesitation, my brave hippopotamus brethren boldly came to the wildebeest-gentleman’s rescue.

This one is about Marley, a Labrador retriever from Southern California in the United States. His human companion, Alex Loredo, was confronted by a rattlesnake-person as he stepped out of his house one day. Marley immediately sprang into action and saved his teenage friend from being attacked. Marley was rushed to a hospital and required four doses of antivenom to survive. Mr. Loredo said, “Marley is a hero. He’s my best friend; I don’t know what I would do without him.”

Animal-people use their sensitivity and intuition to serve and protect their loved ones. Although they cannot use spoken language to communicate, they find other ways to make themselves understood.

In Punjab, India, two puppies were playing outdoors and somehow tumbled into a well. Next to them was an emissary from the king cobra kingdom! But the compassionate king cobra-lady miraculously acted as a guardian the whole time. When the rescuers descended into the well, she gracefully moved aside, allowing them to remove the puppies.
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