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Festive Holiday Dinner: Roasted Vegan Ham with Tofu, Pumpkin & Pineapple, and Vegan Yorkshire Pudding with Gravy, Part 1 of 2

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“Hallo. Happy Holiday Season! I’m going to cook a festive holiday dinner. So, we have some ready-made vegan ham and we cut it into smaller pieces. And I line the baking tray with some vegan butter and put some olive oil; also fine. And then we have pumpkin. The pumpkin is already cut, just put around it. For one vegan ham, you can use half a pineapple is good. Put the pineapple pieces between and around the vegan ham. And we also have tofu. Cut into small pieces like that and just put them together in there. So, your baking tray is filled with vegan ham, pumpkin, and tofu.

And meanwhile, we make some sauce. We need like one flat tablespoon of brown sugar. I put three tablespoons of apple juice. And mix the vegetable broth. Good. And we pour it over the tofu, the vegan ham, the vegetables. Now, we also put some olive oil on it. And then our oven is already hot. We prepared it already. Now we’re going to pop all these in the oven.

I have zucchini, corn, red and yellow pepper, and also some pear. You can boil them all and eat together with the (vegan) ham.”

“While waiting for the vegan ham and tofu to be roasted, we will prepare some batter for the vegan Yorkshire pudding. You need 100 grams of plain flour. Right now, I’m going to stir the flour and the salt together first. And then I pour the soya milk, 300 milliliters in there, and mix it. Beat it well. In order to make a little vegan yogurt, I’m going to pour a little bit of soya milk into a cup. This is a big mug, so you put in like a quarter of the mug ̶ the soya milk. And then you cut a lemon. And we squeeze the lemon into the soya milk to make it become soy yogurt. That’s to replace the egg that we don’t have. It’s almost like soy yogurt, and then we pour in that mixture together, and we will beat it well with the beater. Beat it well until the flour all dissolves, and the batter looks very smooth and ready.

Now, I check my vegan ham to see if everything is OK. Even if we pour the liquid on it, it’s not good enough, I think. We pull the tray out and turn the tofu and the vegan ham around a little bit so that the juice will penetrate into your food.

For the vegan Yorkshire pudding, after you take the vegan ham out, you pour the (vegan) Yorkshire pudding onto the tray and let it cook. And about 20 minutes or half an hour until when you see the pudding rise up and looks hard, then it’s all right.”
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