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Heroic Animal-People Who Save Human Lives

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We are proud vegans who gather all of our nutrients from plants such as grass, leaves, shrub twigs, and trees. We would like to share a few with you today.

Once during a car crash, Cam Laundry and his friend had been thrown from the vehicle, and both were suffering from injuries and hypothermia. Mr. Laundry’s Shiloh Shepherd canine companion, Tinsley, who was also injured, sprinted out onto the road until she got the attention of police officers. When the officers noticed Tinsley, she ran back to the crash site to show them where her human friends were located. After discovering the overturned pickup truck and its occupants, the officers were in awe at Tinsley’s courageous love for her human friends. Supreme Master Ching Hai awarded Tinsley with the Shining World Hero Award in 2022, for this noble act of courage.

Like this pig-individual whose cries saved three human lives. One night, Theodore woke her with his oinking sounds. Courtney woke up to the sight of flames and smoke. Courtney then ran to wake up her friend and father. After the humans safely made it out of the apartment, Courtney then attempted to go back into the fire to rescue her beloved pig friend. Theodore made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his companion. He sadly passed away in the smoke-filled room, but saved the life of his best friend, as well as two others.

It is the real-life story of how a seal saved a man who tried to end his life. Kevin Hines, attempting to commit suicide, jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, 25 stories above the water. Immediately after bounding over the rail, he regretted his decision. He instantly began to pray, “God, please save me!”. A sea lion-individual was below Kevin, circling below him faster and faster until the oceanic animal-person pushed him to the surface. Kevin laid on his back as the rescuer kept him afloat until a coast guard boat pulled him out of the water. It was A Miracle! What more evidence do humans need to stop consuming our friends and switch to the vegan lifestyle?
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