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Near-Death Experiences – Exploring Heavens and the Afterlife, Part 2 of 4

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Today, our journey starts with Randy Kay, the author of “Dying to Meet Jesus.” By profession, Mr. Kay was a scientific man, leading a clinical team in neurology and cardiovascular surgery and a non-believer of near-death experiences. However, fate would have it otherwise. He was later rushed to the hospital as his blood began to coagulate, causing his heart to stop for 30 minutes. While having an NDE, Randy shouted out the name Jesus Christ and felt an arm wrap around his waist which he knew was Jesus.

In that moment, Randy felt the Love of God. He realized he was in Heaven with Jesus and angels and felt an experience of complete knowingness. Randy describes his experience further. “The river of life was flowing from the feet of Jesus. And I looked at the river of life coming from Jesus, and it was flowing throughout all of Heaven and giving life to everything in Heaven.”

Randy understood that all of Heaven is Pure Joy, that everything was created to serve God, and that God's vibration directs all Creation. Today, Randy runs his own virtual ministry spreading the Love of God.

Are you wondering if everyone only goes to Heaven when they have an NDE? Jarrod Munny was an atheist at the time of suffering a heart attack and had an NDE where he was taken to hell and experienced a physical burning in the Lake of Fire. Jarrod also saw many people in the “Lake of Fire.” When asked how he felt about this, he said he knew it was because they did not receive God. He felt the excruciating agony of this hell of fear.

After this experience, Jarrod repented intensely and began building a relationship with God and Jesus through going to church and reading the Bible.

Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) reminds us there is one clear-cut way to avoid hell and transcend to the Highest Heavens. “I just hope everybody listens to Heaven’s mandate. Just turn vegan and make peace. That’s all.”

Our Loving Supreme Master Ching Hai has also shared with us that the message received each time by someone who has a near-death experience is always the same. “Many near-death experience people, they know that they have to come back and be selfless and be of service to humankind. That’s always the same message.”
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