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Near-Death Experiences – Exploring Celestial Heavens and the Afterlife, Part 3 of a Multi-part Series

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Everyone, at some point in their life, will ask themselves, “What will happen after I die?” Today, we are honored to hear a firsthand account from Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, who shares his scientific understanding behind his own near-death experience, which happened while spending seven days in a coma with only a 2% chance of recovery. At this moment, Dr. Alexander began to see the beauty of Heaven.

Because of his background, Dr. Alexander could finely articulate what was happening to his brain from a scientific perspective. Dr. Alexander shares these final thoughts on how his outlook on Heaven and God drastically shifted after his experience. “There's no separation between us and that God force. Of course, the God force is the Pure Love with absolute unconditional Love for all of creation.”

Jim Woodford was known as “Diamond Jim” for his luxurious lifestyle centered around money and materialism. One day, he was sitting in his truck and began to lose consciousness. During this time, Jim began to have distinctive visions of hell. “I saw the most hideous creature you could ever imagine. And I fell back in an abject terror. The look of hatred in its eyes for me and all of mankind! At this point, I turned toward the Light, and I raised both hands this time, and I cried out, ‘God! Help me! Help me!’”

After his sincere repentance to God, three angels came for Mr. Woodford and took him to Heaven to meet the Beloved Jesus Christ. To remind humans of what awaits those that repent, Jesus gave Jim a mission. “Go back and tell your brothers and sisters of the wonders we have shown you.”

Laurie Ditto has had experiences in Heaven and hell and has written multiple books sharing her many encounters with the world. Today, we will share her experience while traveling to the depths of hell. She first describes her immense suffering while there and when she returned. “The despair in hell, unthinkable, and it's going to go on forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever. The smell of hell, all you will do is throw up. There's no one ever going to help you.” While Mrs. Ditto was in hell, she knew exactly why she and others were there and was reminded that sincere repentance can truly save your soul.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has shared with us many times the simple rules we should live by for our soul to find its way to the High Heavens, preventing ourselves from falling to the indescribable suffering of hell.“Repent for harming animal-people as you murder and/or eat them. Repent for harming humans by making war. Repent for anything you did/do against God’s Benevolence, and/or hurting Hiers creation. Be vegan / make peace / do good deeds, to avoid hell punishment!”
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