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The 1st Middle East Vegetarian (MEVEG) Congress, Part 35 of a Multi-part Series, Dec. 7, 2010

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“Now, we have all that meat available on the shelves, but really, do we know what’s in there? Well, the most of the time the tapeworms are found in fish – raw, uncooked or badly cooked fish, meat and products similar to that. You can rarely find tapeworms in plants, as far as I know. I’m not actually a doctor of any kind to know a lot about tapeworms. I just know about that from the perspective of the (clip), it’s a bad thing for your diet.

If you look at our digestive system, it resembles more the veg eaters rather than the carnivores, even our teeth. We cannot have raw meat. It doesn’t go with our chemistry. And all other carnivores have raw meat and their body has acquired those same kinds of chemicals generated to digest that. So actually, we are, so we need to think about it, at least, or add more. If we are going against nature, we are going against nature by not getting up at the crack of dawn and sleeping right after sunset. We are living in concrete jungles rather than natural surroundings. But if we are doing that, then at least we can set certain limits for ourselves, that, ‘OK, I know, in this day and age I can’t do much, but let me do my best and look at my life from a different perspective.’”

We are coming to a very interesting part of the MEVEG Congress, and that is that we are going to go live via conference to Cancún, Mexico, where Supreme Master Ching Hai will be there addressing all the wonderful delegates to be a part of the MEVEG Congress. We’ll be able to talk to Her and She’ll be talking about a vegan way of life, that what impact it has on the overall global perspective actually, and how it helps in making this whole world a better place. So, we’ll be going live in just a few minutes.
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